Christina from Greece: “PhD life in Stockholm can be however YOU like it to be”

During this year, I have been able to experience life as a PhD student at its fullest and to come to realizations that were pretty surprising, even to myself! I performed my Master’s studies in Stockholm as well, so I thought it wouldn’t be that different – but let me tell you, life as a PhD student here is on a whole realm of its own.

James from USA: “Whether your dream is to change the world or to meet people who already have, Stockholm is a good place to be”

Meet James Finucane. He’s from a small town in Pennsylvania, USA. James studied his Masters in Economics at Stockholm School of Economics between 2015 and 2017. After graduating from SSE, James worked as a Consultant at Ernst & Young in New York. He started his current job in November 2018 as [...]

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