A tattoo shop signage in Stockholm

Stockholm: One of the most tattooed city in the world

By: Aastha Rohilla

I have always had a wish to get a few tattoos done. They have always been an exciting piece of art that I have adored. Tattoos are such a personal form of art that has always been used to express thoughts and emotions. Before coming to Stockholm, “tattoos” popped up as a cultural aspect here, and it intrigued me. That’s also how I came to know about that Sweden is the second most tattooed country in the world.
And now, I live and study here – how cool is that? 😮
Image from Unsplash, Sabrina May

Why do Stockholmers love tattoos so much?

A deeper dive into Stockholm revealed that an incredible 47 percent of Swedes have tattoos. Tattoos are a huge cultural aspect and definitely expresses Stockholmers’ love for body art and individuality. You can find more than 50 tattoo studios in Stockholm with famous designers and reputable artists.

In my chat with a few tattoo artists back from a visit to a few tattoo studios here revealed how the prejudices with tattoos have lost its traces, and that they are now a more than socially-acceptable form of body decoration. They also told me that the first-timers usually go for a smaller tattoo, just to get a taste of it. But you can always find people who are more adventurous and start out with more elaborate body art.

Image from Unsplash, by Allef Vinicius

The International Stockholm Ink Bash Tattoo Convention

There’s a fantastic world famous international tattoo convention that takes place yearly in Stockholm. This convention is called the International Stockholm Ink Bash Tattoo Convention.” The convention began in 1996 and has grown enormously  since then. It’s the 24th edition this end of August, which I really hope will get to happen, since I’ve heard that quite a lot of the famous tattoo artists will be here.

Around 200 award-winning tattoo artists participate each year for an eventful weekend. The visitors, as well as the tattoo artists, get to compete in various competitions. The visitors have a rare opportunity to get themselves inked from their favorite tattoo artist. The convention also gives the artists a chance to showcase different kinds of tattoo art. This is definitely a place to be at if one is a fan of tattoo art.

I have 2 tattoo studios which I like personally, and have put it onto my wishlist for the time when I want to get inked:

Finest Tattoo

And this place is mentioned in various articles as the “must-go-to tattoo studio in Södermalm” – which certainly got my attention!

Due to popular demand, more and more tattoo studios are opening up in Stockholm, with tattoo artists being highly-trained in the coolest art. These have resulted in distinct tattoo styles being created in which the Stockholmers love, and new requests popping up all the time. There are many fantastic tattoo places for you to look up if you feel like getting any time soon. Check out this useful guide here.

So happy tattooing, and let us know if you have any exciting take on tattoo cultures from your home country! 😉