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9 Clever Hacks Every Student in Stockholm Should Master

It can be a challenge to adjust to university life here in Stockholm, especially where some things can be more expensive than in your home country. You may still be struggling to find a functional work-life balance, and it can sometimes be hard to come by with a notoriously tight student budget.

Stress not – we’re here to help! Take a deep breath and let us show you some clever tips and tricks that we think works best for us students!

1. Be smart about your grocery shopping

Check the supermarkets’ newspaper ads, shop in the evenings or early mornings for discounted items with a short expiration date. You can also get a bonus card if you have a Swedish phone number and a personal number. Some grocery stores, like ICA, offer double bonus points if you register as a student. And, most importantly, use the Karma app to save food from being wasted.

Also, buying frozen fruits and vegetables are a great choice – they are easy to cook and make delicious meals with. It’s a good way to save money and eat healthy even if your schedule is super busy!

2. Reserve an afternoon per week for yourself and life admin 

When you spend so much time studying, sometimes you forget to find time for yourself. However, it is of utmost importance to do so!

It will be good to leave at least one afternoon to stop and think about everything you need to do. Keep your studies and deadlines in mind, but also try to plan cool stuff as well as going to museums or parks to rest and relax! Besides, it’s the perfect time for you to finally get to that pile of laundry, or do some grocery shopping.

3. Check your student cards for discounts

Go on and register your email to receive updated information about the Student Union from your university website. Every week, students get new coupons with discount offers for lunchtime or fika at “2 for 1”, not to mention the fixed discounts, public transport and coffee at only 10 SEK!

If you download the Student Card and Mecenat apps (this is important), then you can then track the discount right on the spot and never miss a discount!  

4. Get your vitamins sorted out

A mountain-load of projects and tight deadlines can leave you feeling exhausted. The chilly weather can also make you feel less alert, and that’s just one of the reasons why you should take vitamins! During the long and dark winter months, you won’t get much of the sun.

So, start taking your vitamin D now! Trust me, it really helps with reducing anxiety and depression!

5. Buy second hand stuff

Stockholm is a heaven for people who dig second-hand stuff. Our favorites are: Stockholms Stadsmission, Humana, Beyond Retro.

You can easily find one near you, and these second-hand stores usually carry a good range of stylish and affordable clothes, books, furniture items and home decoration. We think it’s awesome because not only a great way to save some pocket-money, but also the environment!

6. Have a really good pair of trainers

The city and nature surroundings in Stockholm is simply gorgeous, and you should definitely not miss out on talking long walks to enjoy the different faces of this beautiful capital.

A pair of well-designed sneakers or trainers will come in handy when you want to walk to the university or take a long hike in Tyresta National Park.

7. Use the library

You don’t have to buy all of your books! First and foremost, check out the library. Chances are high that they will have what you are looking for (if not in your university library then at another one). Check out the online catalogue LIBRIS, where you can find information on books, journals, dissertations, etc. held by all Swedish university libraries and most Swedish research libraries.

It’s cliché but true: the library is the one of the best places to study. Everybody is focused and quiet, and the entire vibe of the surrounding environment makes you feel good to do the same!

8. Put up your own ad for accommodation on Blocket

Finding accommodation in Stockholm can be a huge nightmare for students. For those who have issues getting a student apartment, we would suggest adding your own ad in Blocket  since it’s a much more direct approach to having people who are interested in contacting you instead. 

9. Use a debit card that saves money for you

How, you might ask? Sweden is moving swiftly towards becoming a cashless society, if not already one. It’s worth it in our opinion to own at least one debit card that saves you money. One of those options is Revolut, which does not charge for extra fees while dealing with overseas bank transfers.

You could also apply for ICA bank for students which are great for savings. And Swedbank, if you’ve just arrived and wish to get an international debit card ASAP.

That’s it! Our top 9 clever hacks to student-living in Stockholm, and we hope this has been helpful to you in one way or another!