Mexico tacos restaurant in Stockholm

Mexican Taco Friday in Stockholm

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By: Diana Carrillo Silva

Wondering if you would ever have tacos again after moving in to Stockholm? (Or maybe you’re an international student that just wants to try something new…) Here’s the top 3 things you need to know!

First of all, you’ve arrived to the right place! Swedes have a thing for tacos and they gather with their families to eat tacos on Friday evenings. That’s why in every supermarket there’s a special section with all types of ingredients to prepare tacos. Alright, they do have taco shells (yes international friends, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but taco shells are not Mexican) but you can also get a great variety of tortillas, tortilla chips (or totopos), and chilli sauces (which have not convinced me yet). You can even find canned nacho cheese and guacamole (this one you should try without thinking it’s guacamole). So, get ready for Friday night because all the shelves will be empty after 6 o’clock!

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But that’s not all folks, a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine found a more complete section of Mexican goods in ICA Supermarket near Medborgarplatsen. This was breaking news for me — prepare yourself for the next thing you’re going to read (angels singing in the background), they have Salsa Valentina (the main reason I miss Mexico)! I even told my mom that I was never coming back. International amigos, this is a chilli sauce I put on everything… popcorn, chips and even pizza. Ok, I think not every Mexican does that, my boyfriend hates it but many of my closest friends do and you can find it in almost every restaurant in Mexico City. Among other things, you can also find canned fried beans in the American section (not very cheap though) and sour cream known as “gräddfil” in the dairy products.

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Last but not least, there’s a Mexican place that sells tacos called La Neta (I would translate it as “the very truth”) owned by real Mexicans from Monterrey. The menu includes tacos al pastor (my favourites!), alambre, campechanos and real guacamole with totopos! I’m not going to spoil you with a description of every meal, you have to go and try them. They have two branches and they are opening a third one. The one that I like the most because there’s a real “taquero” preparing tacos is located near T-Centralen. Södermalm branch is larger and it’s not very different but you cannot taste José’s magic.

This is it. Either you want to prepare your own tacos or want to go somewhere else, say no more, Stockholm’s got you covered.

About Diana

Diana is from Mexico and studied a Master’s program in Sustainable urban planning and design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.