Stockholm Winter Bucket List: 7 Fun Things To Do

By: Silvia L. Prieto

It’s getting cold! Where should we go? What can we do?

Darkness is not our old friend anymore, it is our BEST friend (until March more or less). Since winter is coming to Stockholm… let’s make the best out of it by doing some fun activities!

1. Go ice-skating

You probably already know about the ice-skating rink in Kungsträdgården but, of course, it’s not the only one in Stockholm! In Vasaparken, you can find a larger one that opens every day and VERY SOON the water around Stockholm will be frozen so you will be able to practice ice-skating there!

TIP: Renting skates costs 100 SEK in Kungsträdgården, but if you are considering going ice skating more than twice during winter, maybe buying a second-hand pair is a good idea!

2. Experience the Christmas markets and decorations

Stockholm is extremely cozy during winter with all the lights! Walking around Nybrogatan, Gamla Stan or Östermalm would make you feel in a fairytale, PLUS it is completely free!

TIP: Don’t miss the Christmas markets in Skärholmen and Skansen, or the magical Christmas window display at Nordiska Kompaniet!

3. Try out Swedish Winter-themed food

Julmust, Glögg, Pepparkakor, Lussebullar… do these food names sound familiar to you? There quite a lot of different food and drinks to try during winter (referred to as “julmat”) here in Stockholm and I think it’s always good to be little more adventurous with your tastebuds!

Drink a warm serving of glögg (warm spiced wine) with a piece of pepparkakor after doing some ice-skating and…hey presto! You have almost become Swedish!

4. Do stuff in cozy indoor spaces

As the wintry season is quite long (about 5 to 6 months), think about visiting some indoor places that you perhaps don’t usually go to that much during the summer! Winter for me is the time for discovering new cafés, karaoke places, museums, go bowling or go to game bars like Ugglan Boule & Bar! There are many exciting places with fun things to do in the city with friends that are indoors!

5. Have winter fun outdoors

Snow is not here yet, but I promise you, it won’t be long before you get to see some! Then it is time to enjoy building a snowman, go downhill with a slide, making snow angels, throwing snow balls at your friends or taking a dip in the half-frozen lakes – if you dare! Many of the parks and forests in Stockholm will be covered by fresh snow soon, and they are the perfect places to have a fun winter time!

6. Travel to other parts of Sweden

Winter in Scandinavia is often associated with the Northern Lights, and some universities do plan trips to go to the North of Sweden for a chance to see Auroras! If you are planning to be here in Sweden just for one year, check out the news from the student unions and get to experience this for yourself!

7. Discover Swedish traditions

Christmas in Stockholm is probably different to Christmas in your hometown and it is also so beautiful! Try to meet Jultomten or go to see a Lucia on the 13th of December. I love to learn more about other countries’ traditions and also I think it’s a great way of disconnecting from studies and enjoy some new experiences. Or visit the yearly Gingerbread House exhibition at ArkDes, pictured below.