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Reasons to Study in Stockholm

World-class universities.

Stockholm is home to several world-class universities in a variety of subjects. Degrees from Swedish universities are highly valued worldwide.

Clean air.

Stockholm has the cleanest air of all European capitals, according to PwC’s Cities of Opportunity report. It’s no wonder since green spaces make up one third of the city and pristine nature awaits only minutes away.

High level of English.

If you want to practice your English skills, Stockholm is the place to be! Swedes have the highest proficiency in English as a second language in the world, according to EF English Proficiency Index 2018.


Stockholm is consistently ranked as one of the top cities for startups as it holds the 2nd highest unicorns per capita after Silicon Valley. Stockholm has become a renown hub for tech, music, and gaming startups.

Rich cultural life.

A wide range of cinemas, museums, galleries, theaters and concert halls will keep you entertained in Stockholm after class. Most of them have really good student discounts.

Extensive student support.

You can rely on an extensive support system for Stockholm students: healthcare, housing, student rates and discounts, student organizations, etc.

A good point of departure for travel.

Whether you want to get around Stockholm or visit Europe, you will find extensive, affordable, and safe transportation – both local and international.

The City of Nobel.

Home to the Nobel Prize, Stockholm is a proud host of the Nobel festivities every December and has an air of academic excellence all year round. Stockholm is a state of minds.