My Top 5 Favorite Second-Hand Stores in Stockholm

By: Stefanie Kleemeyer

Stockholm is a paradise for second-hand stores – I kid you not! Not all second-hand stores are the same, but when you stumble across a good one, it’s almost like striking gold. Every so often, I end up finding something awesome for a ridiculously low price. The rush is worth all that digging!

Introducing my top 5 favorite second-hand stores:

1. Arkivet

I love this store. It’s not one of those typical second-hand stores with funky smells and too-old or vintage pieces.

Clothings in this store are no older than 2-3 years, and they are big brands and designer labels. With that being said, prices are slightly higher, especially compared to other second-hand stores – BUT, you can still find major bargains here. I got myself a blouse for a third of the original retail price, and I wear it every other day.

Arkivet has two stores in Stockholm and they advertise a lot of their new products on Instagram.

3. Myrorna

This store has it all! You name it, you’ll get it. From glasses, to tableware, pieces of furniture (depending on the location) art, music records and obviously, a ton of clothes.

Just a heads up if you’re thinking of going, Myrorna smells like the typical second-hand store. I have found a bargain here once, a smart-looking wool blazer that I fancy wearing as an outer coat on warmer fall days. They have stores all over the city.

2. Humana

Another popular chain I’ve came across is Humana. Humana has stores all over Stockholm and in other countries, Germany being one of them. They are focused on only selling clothes, and prices can be a little steep – although not as expensive as say, new clothes from fast-fashion stores. I like it mainly because it’s a place where I can find random trendy pieces in really good condition.

4. Emmaus

Similar to Myrorna, Emmaus is like a small warehouse. Here you will find all kinds of books, children’s toys, weird-looking cups, gadgets and not to mention, an assortment of clothes. Prices are lower compared to the above mentioned stores and you will also be able to find clothes from a variety of different brands. I personally think they have a quite a cool collection of shoes.

5. Stockholms Stadsmission

Out of all my favorites here, Stockholms Stadsmission is the most affordable option. You can easily find a warm knitted sweater here for less than 50 SEK. Too good to be true, but it sure is. One of my worn-to-death sweaters is from this store.

Apart from clothes, you can find sportswear, glasses, cups, games and almost everything your bargain heart is looking for.