Catching the Warmth: Must-Do Activities Before Winter

By: Valerija Denaityte

Stockholm summers tend to be a mix of different kinds of weather: ranging from rain to drought, cool winds to summer breezes, it has it all. But there’s a consensus to be drawn, and that’s that winter tends to be tedious for a lot of people in the city. Whether you’ve spent your whole life in Stockholm or if you’re new to the wonder that is the Baltic climate, here are some things you should do in the warmer months.

Take the boat to explore the Stockholm archipelago

Warmer days are also the best if you want to see the beautiful destinations in the archipelago by boat. Not only is it nicer in terms of temperature, you have access to both the smaller and bigger islands as Waxholmsbolaget expands their routes and schedules in the summer months. If you get seasick, or if you’re just not into boats, there’s also the option of accessing many islands by public transit or car!

Enjoy the rooftop bars and café terraces

It’s no secret that Stockholm has a ton of cool bars, cafes and other places where you can sit down for a drink. There’s a hure variety, too. Want to have an awesome French meal as well as play a bit of boules? Boulebar opens up lanes close to the water in both Rålambshovsparken and Tantolunden in the summer months – if you hurry, you might still make it. Additionally, Urban Deli’s Sveavägen location has a great rooftop bar called Takpark that has live music, great foods and even better views of the city. Yes, Takpark literally means roof park.

Go swimming

Swimming is possible in so many places in Stockholm that it’s almost a waste not to do it at least once. Take the sight of tropical beaches, palm trees, and coconut drinks out of your head and picture instead small beaches, suntanning on rocks and jumping off a jetty. That’s Stockholm waterways for you.

My number one recommendation is Marabouparken, which has a museum, food, and access to the waters. It doesn’t have to be tropical temperatures for people to pull out of their homes, lay down the towels and jump into the waters. Plus, it’s not out of the ordinary in Sweden to go for a swim in pretty much any kind of weather.

Sunset at Skinnarviksberget

Bring your own food and drink for this one, and don’t forget something to keep your warm and protect your butt from the rocks. Skinnarviksberget is a great place to unwind after a long day at university, with friends or alone if you need a break from being surrounded by others.

Visiting this during warmer months is the best because the sun sets at a decent hour and the wind from the water is not yet too cold. Don’t be afraid to layer up if you’ve got chilly bones, though!

Autumn and winter are fast approaching, so grab your friends and/or your sunniest attitude and set sail for these adventures!