My winter survival guide

My winter survival guide

Hey guys,

So, to follow-up with the article previously posted where I told you a little bit about my first Swedish winter, here are 10 tips that will probably be helpful for you.



Pack loads of sweaters, but also under-clothes.
Layering will be your best-friend.

Big luggage


But don’t pack too much. You probably can’t bring a thousand suitcases with you,
and you will find good and warm clothes in stores here.


Have one really good pair of boots that will get you through rain, snow, mud , etc..


Buy some hot water bags. Hopefully the place you stay in will be properly isolated and heated,
but just in case, have these to place in your bed before you go to sleep,
or in your sofa when you want to be comfortable.


Take vitamins ! You might want to prepare for the winter by getting a cure of multivitamins,
and then follow up with a cure of vitamin C and vitamin D during the winter.
Believe me, this winter will have a toll on your body ( and undoubtedly your mood ) if not. You don’t want to end up weeping and exhausted.


Have loads of fika ! It might not be the best to stay in shape, but a warm cup of coffee and a bulle is always comforting !


GO OUT ! It is very very tempting to stay at home all day long, when its cold outside.
Especially if you don’t have too much lectures and seminars in your schedule. But try to go out as much as possible.
It will be good for your moral and your social life. Fight the hibernating bear inside of your as much as you can !


Travel. Especially by train if you can. The snowy landscapes are really beautiful, and Scandinavian cities wear snow like no one else!
Do not hesitate to take a quick trip to Norway. You can also cross the waters and visit Helsinki or St petersburg.
It will definitely cheer you up, and you’ll be able to meet some cool people. You can find cheap group trips through Scanbalt Experience for instance ( ).


Try not to be in a rush on icy days. You’ll probably end up looking silly ( or fall ) trying to walk fast on slippery floors.
Take your time, and just keep in mind that you’ll have to add a little bit of ‘walking-time’ in your travel plan.


Overall, be patient! The winter will not go away fast, and when the rest of Europeans will be enjoying their first warm days,
you will most likely still be wearing your winter jacket. But be patient, sooner or later it will end.


Until next time, take care !