Week 2 Från måndag till söndag…

Week 2 Från måndag till söndag…

It has now been exactly two weeks and one day since I have arrived at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

I have settled in by now and am starting to feel at home in Stockholm!

Here you can read about a few events that have happened throughout this week!

I have….

  • …finally gotten the packages (containing more clothes and nick- nacks of mine) which my parents have sent to me two whole weeks ago! In Sweden there are no post offices and I guess this explains why it took a while to get them. Luckily the postman decided to leave the parcels at the nearest supermarket to my dormitory. Although it took a week longer than expected for them to arrive, it had one advantage when I finally got the parcels: it felt like Christmas as I opened them all at once!
  • …met all of my corridor- mates! They are all beautiful souls and I am lucky to have gotten a room in their corridor!

On Thursday they organized a welcome- lunch for me and Dan, another newcomer at the dorm, at a “mysig”[1] Lebanese restaurant and that gave me a chance to get to know all of them a bit better!

One conversation topic at the table was them telling me that I shouldn´t be worried if I heard anyone screaming out of a window on a Tuesday night. Apparently this is an old “Lappis”[2]- tradition in order to let out the stress that has impounded from all the studying!

Learning Swedish with others

  • …attended the first seminar of my course: “English for Young Learners”, which was really interesting! We are a small group of teachers and I am looking forward to learn more about how to teach English to children!
  • …visited the Mall of Scandinavia which is supposed to be the biggest shopping centre in Scandinavia!
Mall of Scandinavia

Mall of Scandinavia

  • …had my first Swedish lesson! We are about 200 or more people in one lecture- hall and that was a lot of fun! I am very interested in the language and very eager to learn it!
  • …been to different parties! The Stockholm´s student Union and Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organise a lot of parties for the exchange students! I think this is great because you not only get to know more people, but also get introduced to fun locations in Stockholm.

For example there was one Party on Thursday night that took place at a club in the Stockholm´s Opera House! It was so beautiful that I wanted to take a picture of myself there. Funnily that moment when I was about to press the release button on my phone´s camera, a random girl which I didn´t know jumped to my side. I guess she really wanted to be in the picture as well…. Anyway, at least I have captured a funny moment at that place!

Katja selfie with photo bomb

Girl and I

  • … wandered around town a lot. Stockholm is very beautiful although it is coated in a grey veil of fog these days. I wanted to take my camera to town with me and make a movie for you so that you would get a better impression of Stockholm, but I am waiting for sunnier days to do that!
Södermalm Stockholm Mariaberget

On my way to Södermalm

Lappis under purple sky

Lappis under the purple sky!

In the mean time I have decided to introduce you to my room at Lappis and shoot a movie of things that I do in my room when it is too rainy and windy to go outside….

Hej då and stay posted!




[1] „Mysig“ could be translated as cosy. The Swedes love “mysig“ atmospheres.

[2] Lappis ist the name oft he dormatory that I´m staying at.