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University College Stockholm

The Stockholm School of Theology (THS), is small and personal, with just about 400 students each year for 30 teachers. But it certainly has an impact.

With a clear commitment to human rights, justice, and positive social change, the University College Stockholm,  goes to the heart of fundamental existential questions, and provides an education that serves as a useful foundation in any field.

University College Stockholm is focused on making actual change, not just teaching about it. The programmes are designed for the student who wants to change the world and get under the skin of society – those who are not content with the status quo of human rights.

Having been involved in peace negotiations in the Middle East, Latin America, and South East Asia, the school offers the chance to get a deeper understanding of Swedish civil society while also receiving a competitive and comprehensive international education. University College Stockholm features a doctoral programme in Biblical Studies as well as courses taught in English every spring semester.

The School is also a historical treasury, harboring collections of documents about the historic struggle for religious rights in Sweden, including actions considered criminal at the time, but which now stand out as symbols of civil society courage.

Founded in 1993, the School is a non-governmental college owned by the Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan). A large number of Stockholm’s pastors are alumni of University College Stockholm – but it is much more than a religious institution. The School is also home to leading programmes in human rights, with many Swedish NGO staff having received their education at the school.

The campus, located in Bromma, western Stockholm, is quiet and relaxed. The student body is diverse, a blend of dedicated students of all ages, nationalities, and experiences.