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The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, KMH

For more than two centuries, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm has been orchestrating excellence. Founded in 1771 as the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, the educational institution has changed names multiple times – but its reputation has never wavered.

The Royal College of Music in Stockholm is the second-oldest music college in the world, and is the only independent college of music in Sweden. It is also the university with the highest enrollment of international students in Stockholm.

The school offers programmes covering the entire musical spectrum both practical and theoretical, from folk, jazz, and classical music to composition studies and music therapy, as well as music teachers’ training.

The campus is located in central Stockholm, neighbouring Sophiahemmet University and the Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences – GIH, and a stone’s throw from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. But the atmosphere is unique.

Small and select, the Royal College of Music accents students’ personal and artistic development above all else. Students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in their education and creativity, tasting different musical traditions and styles and amplifying their own skills. No wonder then that the Royal Collage of Music ranks as one of the best in the works in performing arts.

Not only physically in the heart of Stockholm, the college is also an integral part of the city in a deeper sense. The doors are open to the public almost every day, and the college hosts more than 200 of its own concerts and events each year. Students and the public alike are welcomed to enjoy symphonic music, jazz, choral performances, chamber music, eurhythmics, and much, much more.

Open-mindedness and an inquisitive spirit are in the spotlight at KMH, and the school, like music itself, never stops changing and developing. This is made all the more apparent in the new campus that opened its doors on Valhallavägen in 2016, where state-of-the art facilities blend old and new architecture to create an accessible, modern, and thriving music community.

And those who do join the body of future musicians know they have made a life-changing choice and will gain a truly professional foundation on which to build a thriving career.