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Stockholm University

Stockholm University has been an integral part of the Swedish capital since it was established in 1878. The school was founded as an alternative to traditional universities in Sweden – and nearly 150 years later, it’s still one of a kind.

The largest university in Sweden, Stockholm University is also the first institution of higher education in the country to have appointed a female professor. Multiple prime ministers have attended the school, as well as prominent entrepreneurs, artists, and five Nobel laureates.

Characterized by openness and innovation, the school aims to make knowledge accessible and to deliver results in research and experiences which make a difference.

The university offers 200 bachelor degrees programmes, and, thanks to the staff’s excellent English skills, there are 75 different master’s programmes available in English – drawing a vast body of international students and researchers. Nearly 34,000 students currently study there.

The campus is also unique – and steeped in Stockholm’s history. The main part of the campus is located in the Frescati park area, the world’s first national city park. Surrounded by water, the university shares grounds with a well-known botanical garden, the Swedish Museum of Natural History, and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Since the 1960s, the university buildings have been built in Swedish modernist style, and some of the most important architects of post-war era Sweden contributed to the designs.

The park area is ideal for outings any time of the year, and is just a few quick subway stops away from Stockholm’s pulsing city centre.

Stockholm University is the largest university in the capital city – and with a sterling reputation, leading research, passion for diversity, and a knack for innovation, it just keeps growing.