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Stockholm University of the Arts

Challenging, creative, and cutting-edge, the Stockholm University of the Arts is a cultural and educational center for all those seeking to further their practice and research in performing arts (such as opera, dance, circus, theater, film, etc.). New frontiers of artistic fantasies are constantly being opened and explored, in close collaboration with cultural institutions, contemporary artists, and the Stockholm public.

The Stockholm University of the Arts was established in 2014 through the merger of three institutions focused on performing arts: the University College of Opera, the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the School of Dance and Circus (DOCH). Spread across multiple sites in the Östermalm district of central Stockholm, it has since become a true active arena for development within the arts, both in practice and research.

Within the Stockholm University of the Arts, the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts has been training professionals and researchers not simply in theater but also in television, radio, documentary films, cinema and lightning design. Students wishing to become circus artists, mimes, dancers, dance pedagogues, dance teachers, or choreographers will opt for the Dance and Circus curriculum while singers can specialize in opera through the third member of the Stockholm University of the Arts: the University College of Opera.

Art has no language and there is no language barrier in performing arts – which helps explain why many international students and researchers have made the Stockholm University of the Arts their academic home, especially since no fewer than 17 courses are taught in English. International students may come to the University through exchange programmes (such as Linneaus-Palme, Erasmus +, or Nordplus) but they are also welcome to apply independently.

The University offers many opportunities for artistic research as well as practice, with 25 Bachelors programmes to choose from, one-year or two-year Masters programmes, and even opportunities for doctoral studies. The school also offers continuing education courses for staff working in the fields of circus, dance, film, media, opera, or performative arts.

Students, researchers, and staff at the Stockholm University of the Arts have a continuous collaboration and dialogue with various cultural institutions and artists throughout Stockholm. And the public is invited to participate and share in the school’s creative atmosphere through a vast number of public performances and screenings.