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Sophiahemmet University

Sophiahemmet University is ideally situated for those looking for a very specific educational environment, but who also want to be surrounded by diverse student life.

The school itself focuses exclusively on nursing and healthcare, and shares grounds with the Sophiahemmet hospital, but the campus is nestled in with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the KMH Royal College of Music, the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH, and the Swedish Defence University on the northern edge of downtown Stockholm.

For international students, Sophiahemmet University offers a rare opportunity to learn about Swedish healthcare and the “Swedish Model” from the inside.

Sophiahemmet University is well-known for its three-year Bachelor’s programme in nursing science, with possible specializations in midwifery, emergency care, ambulance personnel, dementia, cardiovascular care, gastroenterology, and palliative care. It is also a specialized institute offering three main advanced research areas: emergency care, women and children’s health, and care for long-term sickness.

While most of the courses are taught in Swedish, Sophiahemmet offers an international Master’s programme in dementia care in English: the International Silvia Nursing Programme.

Like the Red Cross University College , Sophiahemmet University was inspired by the practices of Florence Nightingale and established by the queen of Sweden herself, Queen Sophia. She wanted to start a school with a whole new concept that featured opportunities for both theoretical and clinical healthcare education. And Queen Sophia inaugurated the school on New Year’s Day in 1884 – granting Sophiahemmet University a history worth celebrating.

Still today, the school offers a truly royal experience. The graduation ceremony takes place at the City Hall in the presence of Princess Sophia Queen Silvia herself attends the graduation of students specializing in dementia care.

At Sophiahemmet University, students are guaranteed an evidence-based education which will be applicable to their professional careers. With a strong reputation and a positive atmosphere, the institute seamlessly blends tradition and entrepreneurship in a competitive nursing degree – all while experiencing the wonders of the Swedish capital.