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Södertörn University

Despite being among the youngest members of Stockholm’s academic league, Södertörn University has carved out a unique niche for itself, as well as a growing reputation.

Södertörn University, just 20 minutes south of central Stockholm, rises above the surrounding area and offers all-encompassing views from its thriving campus. It is part of an educational hub, along with Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, The Swedish Red Cross University College , and the University College of Music Education.

The architecture is urban and contemporary, sitting atop a rocky outcrop and surrounded by native rocks and trees, the very substance of old Sweden. But the university focuses on modernity, opening up the world and building across boundaries of all kinds.

Originally founded to combat segregation in southern Stockholm and raise the area’s level of education, Sördertörn University quickly outgrew this purpose. It is now one of Sweden’s most modern and intercultural universities and boasts an educational experience as diverse as they come. Here cultures don’t clash – they collaborate.

Undergraduate education offers highly-ranked programmes in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and technology. With internationally renowned research in Baltic Sea region and East European studies, Södertörn University also presents cutting-edge lectures and seminars with experts from around the world.

Student life is active and energetic, and Södertörn University students praise its inclusive atmosphere and contemporary awareness. Student activities, just like education, are vibrant and aim at breaking down barriers.

Södertörn University is not just a place of learning. It is a dynamic meeting place for passionate individuals from every corner of the world, with something to say, something to create, and something to share.