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The Erica Foundation

The Erica Foundation is a subtle yet crucial part of Stockholm in no small part because it focuses on the foundation of the future: children and adolescents. Founded in 1934, it was the first institute in Sweden dedicated to improving understanding of young people’s psychological development.

The Erica Foundation took its name from the Erica tetralix, a cross-leaved pink heath flower. The Erica heath flower is small but strong, surviving and flourishing in the most barren of soils.

Today the Erica Foundation is a leading institute in child and adolescent psychotherapy, offering treatment, research, and advanced training at a university level.

Education is combined with clinical experience, and students can choose training in psychotherapy, teaching psychotherapy, clinical assessment, and pre-school teaching.

With a long tradition of gathering psychological, pedagogical, and psychiatric competencies, the Erica Foundation has developed a uniquely effective system for understanding and treating children, as well as teaching students how to do so.

The school consistently analyses, describes, and reevaluates its research, resulting in educational evolution and rich documentation.

But the Erica Foundation isn’t all about business. Play is a critical part of a healthy life, and something that is incorporated in the school’s approach: there are sand boxes, toys for children, and other materials to promote self-expression in almost every room – which are used for treatment, communication, and diagnosis.

The Erica Foundation is an advanced educational facility providing training in Swedish, and does not yet have any international students. Multiple international researchers do have long-standing positions and collaborations at the institute, however, and the school has a broad international network.