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Beckmans College of Design

An intense creative pace, artistic and theoretical basic training, social awareness, professionally active teachers, frequent guest lecturers and tutors and interdisciplinary collaborations are the main focus of Beckmans College of Design’s three Bachelor programmes: Product Design, Fashion, and Visual Communications.

Beckmans College of Design was founded in 1939 by the advertising executive Anders Beckman and the fashion illustrator and designer Göta Trägårdh. Their goal was to create a small art college for advertising and fashion, which they conceived as an independent, creative alternative to the large, government-operated Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

From the very start, the curriculum was characterised by partnerships with businesses and institutions, with the aim to bridge the gap between art and industry, industry and the general public, innovative ideas and wide audiences. These fundamental ideas are still the core of Beckmans College of Design. Moreover, while Beckmans has ties to the Swedish royal family and celebrities, it is also known for the social awareness dimension of its education.

Education at Beckmans is based on collaboration with professionals and organisations in the design, fashion, and communications industries. Teachers at Beckmans are active professionals, with specialist knowledge and a broad network of contacts in their respective fields. Not only can they guide students through all the phases of the creative design process, they can also teach them about their industry’s structures and networks and prepare them for the various challenges of their professional life.