Trip to Estonia

Trip to Estonia

From last Friday to Sunday, I went to Estonia with other exchange students by Ferry and it was my first time to travel with ferry! The ship was much bigger than I thought and there are a lot of rooms. 4 people use one room together, but it was not that uncomfortable even though the size of the room was small.

First night of the trip, we all went to the nightclub and danced a lot. There were many other people from different places, not just Erasmus students from my school. Anyway I can say the first night in the ship was really great except some disturbance in the club. Saturday morning, we had 6hours of sightseeing and we decided to go to the Old Town. Because many girls were starving at that time, we stopped by the café where the bakery menu was quite good and had some time for planning for the trip.

Tallinn church

 One of my friends really wanted to see Saint Olav church but, unfortunately, we couldn’t see inside of the Saint Olav church since it is closed when it’s winter. Soon, we found another church and later I’ve heard that it was the church of typical Russian religion. Since I’m a Christian, my friends asked me about the church, but it was not about my religion so I couldn’t answer any of their questions. The interior of the church was so impressive that I still cannot forget it! It reminded me of the huge temple that I saw in Japan before.

Tallinn tourist bus or train

Tallinn view

Tallinn old building

The street of the Old Town in Tallinn was really beautiful and the colors of the buildings were so pretty. They were painted with pastel colors and they made the streets wonderful. We just walked along the streets and we finally found some stairs for going up. The city view from there was the exact one I wanted to see and it was fantastic enough! The scene looked like a picture of the fairy tale.

Tallinn food

It was 14euros per one person and so good! Mine was shrimp curry.

On the way back to Sweden, we stayed same ship and I couldn’t enjoy the life that night because it was tossed too much. I got seasick so I had to sleep… If the weather was better, I could have more sightseeing and enjoy the last night in the ship. I’m satisfied with the trip, though!