To-do list

This time I’m gonna give a quick idea of what I expect to do in Sweden for the upcoming 2 years. Mostly will change a bit, when I get to know the city and life there a little more, but speaking of what I expect from there – here is a list:


Yeah, I’m really excited about my studies. Meaning most of the time I’ll be studying all by myself and Nordics have really well-developed media sphere. Think it gonna be very interesting in professional and cultural way.

Life on countryside…

…while still 30 min from the city center. I decided to stay out of the city – not only because it’s much cheaper, but also because I always wanted to try how it feels. Now I will have a huge lake and a giant forest just by the door.


One of the places I’m gonna visit at least once a week. It’s like Centre Pompidou in Paris, but also with classes on arts – which are mostly free or just affordable.

Cinemateket @ Svenska Film Institutet

A place where they show you old movies.

Learning Swedish

Which is free as I’m a student. On my last visit to Stockholm I’ve been told by those who have been studying for a while that there are 2 options for language. First – at the University, second – provided by the city council for all new residents. And they’ve told second one is much better. Let’s check this out.


This is a bit strange organization J As far as I understand, it’s an institution that provides adult education in many fields, and most of it happens not in its own building, but is provided in other different places. Though, I don’t care, honestly. I’m just DIY addicted – and I love Swedish design. Definitely the one to try out.

Nordics travelling

It’s a good chance – I mean, with student discounts it’s much cheaper to get around. I’ve always travelled a lot, and I want to see the whole world, so this gotta be a good addition to my collection so far. What I’ve pointed out for myself by now:

  • Malmö – because it’s mostly immigrant city and, as every immigrant city, the one keen on hip hop culture, which I feel myself part of. Yeah, such thing as Swedish hip hop exists. And it’s rather good you know. Try Rebstar – he’s from Malmö.
  • Swedish far north and polar lights.
  • Iceland. This tiny fairy tale island.
  • Norwegian fjords. Deep long rivers surrounded by mountains – perfect place for camping.

Maybe seems a bit too much. But hey guys – I’m first time off work for long years. Studies take time, of course, but these are still 2 years I have for my own interests and skills. Let’s not miss it out, see you.