Time to start my pre-departure preparations!!!

Time to start my pre-departure preparations!!!

After resigning from my work, it is time to start doing some preparations before I come to Stockholm!!!!

Based on my previous experience, I hardly find a Swedish who can’t speak English, so I guess language won’t be a big problem in this country. However, since I am going to stay in this country for two years, I think it would be better if I know some basic Swedish to communicate with others.

Previously, my friend suggested a very useful language learning webpage called “Duolingo” to me and surprisingly I find Swedish course in it. This webpage provides pretty all-round language training where you can learn both reading listening and speaking skills. Moreover, the syllabus is quite well-organized, as you need to finish learning some basic things before you can move on to learn more advance sentence structures. And the best part is it is completely free of charge!!!

So started from last week, I go to this webpage when I am free and hopefully two months later I can handle some very basic conversation in Swedish with people there. Well… it is kind of a challenge to my persistence.

Yes, language won’t be a problem in Sweden, but accommodation must be a big problem. Afterall it is not traveling and I can’t stay in hostel for like two years, so it is always better to start looking for place to live earlier.

Indeed, there are plenty of choices for accommodation in Stockholm. You can choose to live alone, share it with others or rent a corridor room. For me, I love to socialize with different people but at the same time I want my personal space, so student corridor room is definitely a good choice. As I previously exchanged to Stockholm University, I know there are two major student apartment areas called Lappis and Kungshamra, both of them are quiet closed to Stockholm University and I think the commuter time to SSE is also acceptable.



So first of all, I started looking for a corridor room from SSSB (Stockholms Studentbostäder), It is an official webpage to find student apartment in Stockholm and you can easily locate people who want to rent their room out. The only bad thing about this webpage is you need to get your student visa and personal number before you can rent an apartment via this webpage.

If you still haven’t gotten your student visa (just like me), I suggest you to join the facebook group of “Lappis” and “Kungshamra”, there are lots of people who want to rent out their student apartments post advertisment on it. All you have to do is keep looking at their posts and try to contact the person who want to rent out their apartment or room. Haha…. I think I am really so lucky, as I just got a room in Lappis where I can rent it for a year with pretty good deal. So no worry, when there is demand, there is supply, just keep looking don’t settle XDDD


Useful webpages:





Facebook page: “Lappis”, “Kungshamra”