The things I newly learn about Sweden

The things I newly learn about Sweden

Since I got to know about Sweden, Sweden was one of my “Dream Countries”. Well, the fantasies I have about the country made that result. I had a quite hard time to choose the places for spending one year of my college life, and I finally decided to go to Sweden (top image: Find where I go from the travel book I got).

After I got a permission letter from Södertörn University, I searched the information about the country, and there are three facts I found!

First, its official name is Kingdom of Sweden. Then, they have King and Queen? Actually, the King of Sweden was popular once in Facebook among South Korean with the pictures showing the king wearing some ridiculous but cute hats. In addition, there’s a prince who is really handsome like actor, and he was also popular as a handsome prince in Facebook! Now what I need to do is buying the king’s hat, and going to meet the prince while wearing the hat I buy! Haha

Secondly, Sweden is the country of Nobel Prize. Every year, Nobel Prizes are given to people from 6 fields. (There’s only one Korean, Kim Dae Jung, who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.) I’d never known that the chemist Nobel was born in Stockholm and Nobel Prizes is held in Stockholm! Okay, so I want to visit Konserthuset(Stockholm Concert hall) where ceremony is held. Plus, there are many classical music concerts you can enjoy at Concert hall.

P.S. Nobel Peace Prize Award is held in Oslo, Norway.

Seo Yeong's playlist Avicii

One part of my music playlist- Actually I like not only Avicii’s music but also other kinds of music such as pop or classical one.

Last one is Avicii. I bet that college students who like EDM may know Avicii, the famous DJ. He is a really well known artist and his music is quite unique and different from other usual music in same category. Even though I don’t have much knowledge about Electronic music, I know him because I fell in love with his songs including The Nights. I recommend listening to the song. I’m so happy that I go to the country where Avicii was born in and I hope to have his songs at the party or festival during this year!

There were few people who knew Sweden exactly when I asked my friends and, even me; I realized that I couldn’t explain about where I go. I’ve had just fantasies, not the facts or specific information. I wish I can explain and tell people about the real Sweden and what I feel after I come back to Korea!