How to survive your first winter in Stockholm

How to survive your first winter in Stockholm

On Day two, when I was around Norrmalm with a friend I met in hostel, my toes went from cold to painful to numb, and I couldn’t move each of them. For a second, I thought I might have lost my toes. It was sunset, and the sky and the buildings looked amazing but all I could think of were my toes. In the end, I called a taxi.

So yes, winter in Stockholm is cold, especially towards the midnight or when you are near the water.

I come from Hong Kong and the winter there is usually about 15-20 degrees. I packed many winter “essentials” but I ended up using just a few and buying stuff from the local stores. Therefore, my overall advice is “Don’t sweat it! You can buy anything good here in an affordable price.”

These are my must-haves so far:

Coat for winter Stockholm

-Coat: Choose something thick with fur or wool inside, from Emmaus, a local thrift store, 170SEK

-Uggs: I actually brought a pair of grey suede ankle boots. However, even if I wear really thick socks, my toes still feel cold. But with Uggs, you can just put it on without any socks and you still feel warm.

-Moisturizing kits: My skin got very dry when I came here. I put on masks I got from home but they didn’t really work. The skin around my under-eye circles became flaky, and some of my skin turned red. I bought face cream and eye cream from ACO, about 89 SEK. My skin got better although I have to put it on very often. For my lips, I dumped my Maybelline Baby lipstick and just carry my jar of Vaseline everywhere.

– One item I regret packing: Three packs of heat pads from different Japanese brands. They are heavy (Not good for baggage check at airports) and they don’t work here because of the extreme weather.