1. Study in world-class universities!

Not only do universities in Stockholm offer low tuition and a student-centered education but you will also find that their degrees are highly valued worldwide.


2. Celebrate your innovative ideas!

Stockholm is one of the most innovative cities you can study in as well as one of the hottest startup scenes. So, keep your eyes open for the next IT innovation, fintech opportunity or alternative art project.


3. Feel welcome!

You will immediately feel comfortable in diverse and tolerant Stockholm, where 90% of the population will welcome you in English.


4. Trust student services!

You can rely on an extensive support system for Stockholm students: Arrival Service, healthcare, housing, student rates & discounts, student organizations, etc.


5. Stay curious.

Cinemas, museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls will keep you entertained in Stockholm after class.


6. Travel around!

Whether you want to get around Stockholm or visit Europe, you will find extensive, affordable, and safe transportation, both local and international.


7. Breathe easy!

Stockholm has the cleanest air of all European capitals. It’s no wonder since green spaces make up one third of the city and pristine nature awaits less than a half hour away.


8. More chances for students to study!

Some universities in Stockholm allow students late applications if you missed a deadline. You are always encouraged to check whether your subject of interest is open for late applications.


9. Growing numbers, respect for personal space!

The number of students arriving in Stockholm each year is overwhelming and growing. However, universities try to maintain small-size classrooms where students can learn best.


10. Nobel prizes!

International students are not only able to learn about Nobel prizes when visiting the museum in Stockholm, but also have the chance to attend a welcome reception at Stockholm City Hall – famous for hosting the Nobel festivities.