To be Stockholm´s  “Dancing Queen“

To be Stockholm´s “Dancing Queen“

Hej everyone!

As you might know I am taking a Swedish course at the university twice a week. In addition to that I have been studying Swedish on my own through an online course called “Babbel”. Although most of the Swedes speak English perfectly, I think it is only beneficial to know some Swedish. For me it is also fun to learn the language because it is so similar to German!

For this blog I decided to write a short treasury of Swedish phrases that one should know when coming here! I have written the translation into English and also how you would pronounce the words in English…


Hej! (Hey!)  – Hello!

Hur mår du? (who more do?)  – How are you?

Jag mår bra, tack! Och du? (Ya more bra, tack! Ock do?) – I am fine, thanks! And you?

Vad heter du? (What hater do?) – What´s your name?

Hur gammal är du? (Who come Al air do?)  – How old are you?

Jag tar gärna en kopp kaffe. (Ya tar gairna an cop kaffee.) – I will have a cup of coffee.

Jag vill ha en kanelbulle[1]! (Ya will ha an kanailybulle!) – I´d like to have a kanelbulle!

Tack så mycket! (Tack so Mick Ed.)  – Thank you so much!

Varifrån kommer du? (Wh´are e fron come air do?) – Where do you come from?

Jag kommer från Österika. (Ya come air fron Osterecka.)  – I am from Austria!

Var ligger museet? (Wha ligger muse ate?)  – Where is the musuem?

Tack för hjälpen! (Tack fur hale pen!)  – Thank you for your help!

Ursäkta! (You´re shack tar!) – Excuse me!

Hej då! (Hey dough!)  –  Good bye!

/Vi ses! (We says!)  – See you later


I really like Swedish and will continue studying it assiduously!

This past week was so relaxing. I have finally created an every- day rhythm here. Since my course at the university is only once in two weeks, I can do all of the things that I enjoy, like: wandering through town, visiting museums, attending dance classes, meeting up with friends and studying Swedish.

I have discovered my favourite part of town, which is called “Östermalm”. There are many shops, nice buildings and cosy cafés in this area and I really like spending my time there.

My favourite activity during he week though, was dancing! Usually I dance ballet- I started when I was 7 years old- but for the last two years there was hardly any time to pursue it in Vienna. It makes me really happy that I now have the time to do as many dance courses as I want to!

After having tried out “Zumba”[2] and “Sh´bab”[3] in the sports- centre on campus this week, I have discovered a new dance, which is called “Lindy Hop”. It is a type of Swing and apparently Stockholm is famous for that dance! I actually had to dance in my socks and jeans because I decided to join the course pretty spontaneously, after having spent the morning with a friend at the Royal Palace “Drottningholm”. It was beautiful and we had a fun time! Dancing “Lindy Hop” was the cherry on top of great day!

Here are some pictures for you showing some more different events that happened during the past week:

Gamla Stan kajen

On my way tot he „Fotografiska“- museum


Pancake kitchen

Tuesday is pancake- day!


Icy water Gamla Stan Stockholm

Gamla Stan surrounded by ice!

Katja selfie with snow

Selfie- time… to capture the snow while it´s still here…


The battleship Vasa

At the Vasa Museum: admiring this amazing ship!


Katarinahissen Södermalm Stockholm

View from Södermalm


Drottningholm Royal Palace

Visiting Drottningholm- Palace


Royal Palace park lake


Vi ses! Yours,




[1] „Kanelbulle“ is a special Swedish paistry that could be transilated as „cinnamon bun“.

[2] Zumba is a work out and a combination of different dances (mostly Latin dances).

[3] Sh´bab is also a combination of different dances such as Hip- Hop or Break Dance and I will probably never do it again….