Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most prominent academic centre in Northern Europe. Amongst the 100,000 students who study at the city’s 18 universities and university colleges, more than 13,000 are international students and guest researchers.

One of Europe’s creative hubs

Every year, a handful of outstanding scientists come to Stockholm to accept the Nobel Prize. But they are outnumbered compared to the 8,000 international students living in Stockholm. And the universities in Stockholm offer a broad variety of academic disciplines, ranging from art and design schools to world class medical education.

Following your studies, your cutting edge competence will be in high demand in Stockholm – one of the world´s fastest growing cities. Stockholm is also closer to the rest of Europe than you might think. Cities like London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin are just a short plane ride away.

Student city Stockholm

Stockholm has a unique tradition of higher education and a wealth of possibilities offered by few other cities. It’s a city where preconceptions are challenged and innovations are born. Exchange students, master students, doctoral students and guest researchers come to Stockholm from all over the world.

Here you will find cutting edge competence everywhere – from technical colleges and nursing schools to colleges and universities specialising in social sciences, law, economics, and art. Traditional education is offered alongside interdisciplinary studies with a modern approach to the academic tradition.

There is an extensive range of programmes and courses to choose from and many of the master’s courses are available in English. Whichever field you are interested in, you can be sure to find it.

Nature at your doorstep

While you have access to the throbbing capital with its beating pulse, festivals and events, you are also very close to nature. Stockholm consists of equal parts of water, green open spaces and developed land, and it is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Parks and green areas nestle amongst the midtown cityscapes and the heavily built-up suburbs. Several nature reserves are close to the city, such as the Stockholm archipelago with its 24,000 islands and skerries. Only a short boat ride away you can find secluded creeks perfect for hot summer days, picnics, or watching the late sunsets of the North.

It is easy to be active and enjoy nature in Stockholm. You will find yourself within easy reach of trails for hiking and mountain biking, lakes and beaches for swimming, ski areas, and coastlines for long distance ice- skating.

An active student life

In addition to the extensive range of events in the city itself, the student unions arrange plenty of activities for students. There will be parties, concerts, formal and informal dinners, sports events and pub-crawls to take part in. You can also join one of the many organisations or interest groups at your university or college, such as choirs, theatre groups, or study circles.