Stockholm gives me a “Sign”

Stockholm gives me a “Sign”

Hej hej, everyone!

I am having a marvellous time in Stockholm! I love that I am free to do whatever I like at any time of the day… Here you can see a short overview of my passed week:

Katja's images from Artipelag


The forest and the sea by Stockholm


Pic 1 +2: I visited a modern art museum with my friend Wouter, called the “Artipelag”. It is situated eastern from Stockholm in a small town called Gustavberg. Even if one is not a big fan of modern art, it is definitely worth a trip going there because the architecture and the situation of the museum is so impressive! It is so beautiful there: the forest, sea and sunlight turn the Artipelag into a magical place!

Valentines day with pizza, student corridor friends


Pic 3: Another corridor- dinner took place last week! This time on Valentine´s Day! We decided to make our own individual pizzas and they turned out to be so delicious! Who said that Valentine´s Day is only for lovers? The right people, great food and good music can give Valentine´s Day a whole new purpose!

Friends studying in Stockholm


Moderna museet mirror


Pic 4+ 5: These photos show the result of a study- date… Wouter, Elias and I had planned a serious sit- down to finally get some work done. Although as we met at Stockholm´s famous coffee shop “Drop Coffee” and realized that the Wi-Fi there wasn´t working, we thought we might as well visit a museum instead… So we hopped onto a ferry- boat that brought us to a small island in Stockholm where one can find the “Museum of Modern Art”. (You must now think that I am crazy about modern art… Don´t get me wrong: I am a big fan of art in general but these two trips to modern art museums just happened like that…) It was a fun day and I am so glad that we all postponed our studying!

Stockholm Mariatorget


Riddarholmen view in Stockholm


Mariatorget underground art exhibit


Pic 6;7;8: I have discovered my new favourite part of town: Mariatorget, which is located in the South of Stockholm, in Södermalm. There one can also find many cafés and small streets with very old houses. As I was walking through these streets I suddenly found myself at a beautiful viewpoint, looking out on Riddarholmen (a small islet in central Stockholm). I can´t imagine what this place must be like in summer when it´s already so beautiful in winter… In Pic 8 you can see the subway station of Mariatorget. I photographed it because I liked the art installation there a lot! Did you know that all the underground stations in Stockholm could be considered as the largest art exhibition in the World? In order to prevent graffiti- vandalism in the underground the government let artists show their art at the “tunnelbana”- stations! I think this is a great idea and it also makes walking underground more fun!

Now I would also like to inform you about something else…

I still go dancing and study Swedish, but last week I have also started a new project: I have started to learn Swedish Sign Language! Some of you might not be familiar with the fact that every country has it´s own sign language- it is like entering a whole different culture.

I have always wanted to learn sign language but I never have had the opportunity to do so. I now have the chance though, due to one of Stockholm University’s great offerings: the “Language Café”. Every student can sign up there as a language- coordinator or just attend different Language Cafés. One can then improve or learn a foreign language, meet new people and have coffee together. I for example attend the Swedish Language Café and help out as a German- speaking coordinator once or twice a week.

Anyway, I saw that there was a Language Café for Swedish Sign Language. The coordinator for this café, Tatu, is from Finland and in addition to his knowledge of Swedish Sign Language he is multilingual!

He is a great teacher and we have decided to make a short movie to give a quick insight into what Swedish Sign Language is like…

Trevlig helg! (Have a nice weekend!)