Recent days, winter is coming

Recent days, winter is coming

Hello. Hej. こんにちは

It has been over a month since from my last post. I have finished taking the final exam for the October course and preparing for the next course right now. It’s getting very cold in the Stockholm, and it start snowing from these few days. I have never experienced the snow in the November before. In my city, Osaka, Japan, it snows mostly from January. There are even some years which never snows. Thus, I was very astonished that it snows from the beginning of November in here. Which means that I need to bare with colder days in January or  in here. All of my Swedish friends told me that it is just the beginning of the Winter in Stockholm, and it will be colder in the January and February. I am currently waiting for the package which contains a lot of winter wears.

(Picture taken at Stockholm University, on November 6th)

Anyway, from the last blog, I have experienced so many things.

First, I got my residence card from the Swedish migration. (Well, I got it during the October, so it was quite long time ago though). I was waiting for this card for couple weeks. Now I don’t need to carry my passport all the time. I am not sure why but everytime I go to Systembloget to buy some alcohol, they ask me to show the ID card, so I was very demanding for this card.

Also, I actually did not noticed, but I had a Swedish personal number. My friends and me could not find out this number since we came to Sweden, but one of my friends finally found it on the paper we received on the first day! With this number, I can register for the student card and membership card for any kind of shops. With the student card, I can have a discount at some shops.

Unfortunately, I already bought many dishes at Åhlens for my mom’s souvenir which I could have get 20% off with the membership card. Well, I can have a discount with Scandinavian Airways, which is very important for me and which I can forgive about the Åhlens.

Second, I started to go to Tumba high school to help a Japanese woman as a volunteer whose teaching Japanese at there. I joined their classes, and sometimes correct their tests and their homeworks. The most surprising thing was that even the first grade students can speak English very fluently. In Japan, we start studying Japanese from Junior high school. As a result for this, we can not speak English as much as Swedish students here. I also surprised with their passion of studying something new. Japanese do learn new things, but because we have entrance exams for the university and so on, they are tend to study as like mandatorily. I’m having fun with taking to the Swedish students, and myself encouraged by them.

Addition to this, I’m going to Japanese language cafe which is held at Stockholm University. We, exchange students, have few chances to meet with Swedish students because some courses are only for the exchange students. I am making a lot of Swedish friends who are interested in Japan and Japanese culture there. It is very interesting to teach them about Japan and also learn about Sweden.


My friends playing Japanese Games at the bar

Next, I have been to so many different music concerts after I came to Stockholm. Basically, this is because of my Swedish friends who loves music. They always invite me for the music concerts and fortunately, I have learned so many things from them. We often go to the music concerts which are hosted by the KMH (Royal College of Music in Stockholm). Because some of the music concerts hosted by them are free charges, it is very easy for us to go and listen to their music. We also went to some of the pipe organ concerts held at Church as well. We even went to the pipe organ concert which were held at the biggest church at Uppsala. I really love the sound of it. Makes me feel relaxed, and can wash away my negative thinkings against my life.

Speaking about the Christianity, we also went to the Skogskyrkogården on the “Alla Helgons Day”. I never heard about this day before. But after I learned the meaning of this day, I realized that we have same kind of day in Japan, which is the day for the deceased. As same as Alla Helgons Day,  we go to the grave at the temple, and pray for decedents and the ancestors.

alla helgons day Stockholm

Alla Helgons Day / Picture taken at Skogskyrkogården

I have so many things I want to write on the blog, but this time, I would like to end with here.

Since it’s getting cold, I may keep inside my room more time. Thus, I will have more time to write my blog, and I would like to spend more time writing on this blog.


See you guys on the next blog.