First day of 2016

After spending the holidays with my family in the Netherlands, it is now time to start preparing form my departure to Sweden. Couple of things need to be done within the upcoming two weeks. From packing my stuff to saying goodbye and arranging some final stuff online. Since it will be winter in Stockholm when I arrive, I have to be prepared for a lot of snow and coldness, I think. Of course we are used to some coldness in the Netherlands, but I expect Sweden to be much more cold. I will fly from Amsterdam to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Getting the ticket was one of the first things I did when I found out about going abroad.

When you go studying abroad, there are a couple of important things you need to arrange. Stuff I needed to sorted out was, for example:

  1. Health insurance. I needed an additional assurance because the stay abroad is longer than two months.
  2. Housing. Luckily, Stockholm University has offered me a studio apartment in Vasastan, a nothern area of Stockholm.
  3. Registration at the host university and the course registrations. I will be following two courses during this semester. These are Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Education in Multicultural Society at the Deparment of Children and Youth. Hopefully, there also will be an opportunity to attend a Swedish language course.
  4. Get consent from your own university on the courses abroad. The past two and a half years I have been busy with my Child Development studies at the University of Amsterdam.
  5. Find out wheter your counrty provides compensations for exchange students. I was able to receive a compensation if I stopped my public transport pass in the Netherlands. Also, the Erasmus+ programme provided me a scholarship for the exchange.
  6. Flights, transport when arrived.

All this things done, my departure comes so close. People now often have asked about my expectations on studying abroad. It feels weird to say, but I don’t have that specific expactations. Sweden is a western country like my home country and I think both cultures are very comparable. I hope I am right!