Packing for Södertälje

Packing for Södertälje

Next Tuesday, August 18th, is a day X when I’m moving to Stockholm.

I still have no idea on how it all will work out, as I never moved to anywhere for such a long time.

First I’ve thought to take only the most important, but it seems I’ll end up with extra luggage. Sweden, same as Russia, has 4 seasons (with cold winter) in a year, but it may be expensive to buy winter clothes in Stockholm just before the coldest season. So I thought it might be better to pay 50 EUR for extra luggage than some unexpected, but definitely huger amount for new clothes that I don’t honestly need.

One super useful tip – use vacuum bags! It’s first time I’ve tried them and seems clothes consist of air for minimum 50%.

I’m also taking some of my books, with 4 in Swedish which I have. I speak a bit, and bought them 2 or 3 years ago..

Strange stuff – I’ve been surfing the web for a place I will live in, Södertälje. There was a list of famous citizens and I saw a name I couldn’t remember – Göran Rosenberg. So, it seems now, he is a guy who’s written one of my books, A Brief Stop On The Way From Auschwitz. Such a good neighbor, hehe! By the way, if you are interested in how Holocaust affected Europe, it might be a good choice – better in original, when you speak a bit Swedish. His parents met each other in Warsaw ghetto, survived Auschwitz concentration camp and then moved to Sweden. This is their story from a side of their young son (Göran), who’s never seen it all. Definitely would be great to take a small day-tour in a town in search for places he describes as they were 50-60 years ago (it’s Södertälje Södra station on the cover, by the way).


So, waiting for the day. Hope I’ll also have just one day to hang out in Moscow before I leave – as I’m crazy busy with work, documents and everything these last days.