One month in Sweden

One month in Sweden

I arrived at Arlanda Airport on Saturday just before beginning of new semester. From then, it’s been more than one month to stay here. And after the last post, I did such things which were really Swedish and international!

Do you know Fettisdagen? In direct translation, it’s fat Tuesday. On that day, it’s traditional and common to eat certain food in Sweden so you can see many people who eat this food in café, bakery and home.

Swedish Semlor pastery


The dessert bread is Semla which is the food people eat at Fettisdagen. There is delicious cream between bottom part of the bun and top of the bun. Also the flavor of the bun is not just flour, but the flavor of cardamom, additionally, there’s another thing, excepting whipped cream, between two parts of bun but still I don’t know exactly what it is. Usually many bakeries and cafés sell Semla during the winter before March but there are famous and popular places to eat semla where you can eat every day.

I went to il café which is located in Sodermalm with my friend and we didn’t know that day was fettisdagen so we were quite wondering why all people in the café were eating same dessert. We ordered it and ate because I thought that bread was the most popular in Il café. Later, my tutor told me that it was fettisdagen! That was accidentally happened but I celebrated Semla Day anyway and it was really “Swedish”.  (One of my friends went to vete-gatan for eating semla the other day, and she loves there right now.)

Vasa 15th century battleship

Vasa museum

I’m quite sure that more than 80% of exchange students in Sweden visit this museum. Vasa Museum.

Basically there’s just one real ship which was sunk in 25min after starting the first voyage around 300 years ago. I was disappointed at the size of ship and that we can’t go inside of the ship. I expected extremely huge size of the ship, but it wasn’t. Also it cost 80kr with ESN card when I bought it in advance; otherwise, it was 100kr which is not cheap at all. Even though the museum was unsatisfying and nothing special, Sweden is biking’s country and at least I saw real ship that Swedish were on board. The museum was not great that much but the guide was really good at explanation so that I could focus on the sad and ridiculous story of Vasa!

I have a roommate and she’s from turkey. Her friend who’s from same university with her is roommate of my friend who’s from same school with me! So we had Turkish brunch together. It was so great. We made the bread ourselves.

Brunch in Stockholm

Salad, cheese, olive, and Pişi. Pişi tastes and seems like donut and it was really great with cheese.

I’m so happy that I met awesome and great roommate who is thoughtful and funny. I was worried about roommate before I met her but now I can’t imagine if I lived in single room! Also her friend who’s my friend’s roommate is so cool that I can’t help but like her. I’m so thankful that I can be close to them:)

Learning and taking notes with pencil

I learned Turkish a little bit haha