Katja in Wonderland

Katja in Wonderland

Fellow readers!

It has been a while… But I must say I have had the best time ever these past months! I can´t even describe how wonderful Stockholm becomes in spring! Everybody is outside, celebrating on roof- tops, flowers are blossoming everywhere and it feels like the happiest place whenever the sun is out. Sadly my semester here is coming to an end… I am enjoying these last few days before I go back home on Friday! I have had a lot of visitors lately- some of my best friends plus my mom and her friends have paid me visits these past months!It has been so lovely to see them again and share my experiences in Stockholm with them!

I have been asked a several times what my favourite thing on this Erasmus semester has been… That got me thinking for a while. So many amazing things have happened over this passed half- year and I simply cannot choose one specific event… So I have decided to choose my top 10 favourite events starting from the beginning of April!

1. The start of my “Science Course at University”



I have really enjoyed my second course at Stockholm´s University! It´s focus was mainly on hands- on activities, e.g. what one can do as a teacher to bring children in contact with science and technology. We did so many creative things and I am also lucky to have met so many great new people through this course! On the photos you can see how we created an ecological cycle with natural material (top) and how we were instructed to draw something from nature in detail to realize nature´s complexity and esthetical beauty!

2. The visit of my friend Surya and our Valborg- celebration in Uppsala

Katja and Surya chill


My good friend Surya visited me at the end of April and stayed with me at “Lappis” for a week! I was so happy to see her again after a long time!  Some of you might now about the Swedish celebration “Valborg”. With this celebration we welcomed spring in Sweden. Thereby we went to Uppsala- one of Sweden´s most popular student cities and experienced some wild parties!

3. Dianne´s Birthday Party at Lappis




This was probably the hottest day I´ve experienced in Stockholm that I can recall. My Dutch friend Dianne celebrated her birthday at Lappis and had the idea to barbeque with some friends. It was so much fun as we basically danced, ate and laughed the whole day long! In the evening we went to our “Lappis- Beach” on campus, watched the sunset and made a bonfire there. I will never forget this day…

4. Carrying out my 2 weeks of Teacher Training Practice at a preschool!





The course about science and technology, which I have already mentioned above, also entailed a programme called “Teacher- Training- Practice” where us students were able to work in a preschool for 2 weeks. I have never worked with such young children- which at the beginning made me a bit nervous. But I must say that those two weeks made my stay in Sweden complete, as I have learned so much and got to work with the sweetest children on Earth!

I created a science- project about “sound” with the children and I think they had as much fun with it as I did. On one of the pictures you can see the result of one of our experiments: we put a moist sheet of paper on a loud- speaker and dripped paint on it. The vibration of the music, which I played, created a painting. This experiment should have helped to the children to “see” sound. The children had a lot of fun and so did I! I have to thank my supervisor Babita Buck so much for guiding me through these two weeks!

5. The Eurovision Hype!


As the Eurovision- Song Contest took place in Stockholm this year, I got really interested in it! I got tickets to the first Semi- Final in the “Globen- Arena” and watched the finals with my friends at the public viewing- screen in the city centre! It was a lot of fun to experience the ESC here, since the Swedes really knew how to promote this celebration!

6. Discovering my favourite spot in Stockholm!


This is probably my all- time favourite spot in Stockholm! It is situated in Södermalm where one gets a beautiful overview of the city! I discovered it as I went to a bar on the other shore and saw people standing on this huge rock. I have been there several times now with my friends and can only recommend it to anyone who is going to Stockholm! 

7. The visit of my Mom and her friends

Katja's mom is in town!

I was so happy to see my mommy  (third from the left in the picture) after these few months! She arrived with two of her best friends and I had so much fun showing them around Stockholm. On the first day we went to Skansen- the famous open- air museum in Stockholm where one can see houses and streets just as they used to be in the middle- ages! We were so lucky with the weather and I am so glad that my mom fell in love with this city as easily as I did!

8. My spontaneous trip to Amsterdam and Haarlem

Study buddies Harleem on bike

Study buddies girls row

After the ESC, I decided to pay my – as my Dad calls them “Study- Buddies” in Haarlem (close to Amsterdam) – a visit! We study at the same university in Vienna, but have decided upon different destinations for our Erasmus trip. It was perfect timing to go to The Netherlands, as my Dad was also there- doing some fabulous illustration work for the “Anne Frank House”! It was so lovely to see all of them again and do fun things in Amsterdam as well as in Haarlem! 

9. Enjoying Lappis- Beach at 11pm…

Enjoying Lappis- Beach at 11pm

Enjoying Lappis- Beach at 11pm heart sign

Enjoying Lappis- Beach at 11pm camp fire

Since I have prolonged my stay for a week, I had to say good- bye to so many good friends lately! Lappis Beach is the perfect location for “farewell- barbeques”!
If one goes there at this time of the year, it does not get completely dark anymore… It feels so special to be able to witness this natural phenomenon!

10. The visit of my friend Emilia

Visiting friend Emilia

Katja and Emilia in Stockholm

My sweet friend Emilia came to Stockholm last week! It was great fun and we had beautiful weather! I think she enjoyed her time a lot! I´m happy to see her soon again!

11. The visit of my friends Kathrin, Veronikaa and Anja


These were my last visitors. My “Study- Buddies” Kathrin, Anja and Veronika! It was a pleasure for me to guide them around Stockholm- especially since they hosted me in Haarlem a few weeks ago! I showed them all my favourite places in Stockholm and introduced them to my fellow corridor mates. Although it was a bit tight in my room at Lappis, it has been great fun to have them here! Today I bid them good- bye, knowing I will see them again only in a few weeks!

A lot of people have asked me in these passed weeks, how I feel about going home again. I have to say that as sad I am to be leaving this wonderful place I am also looking forward to being at home again… I love Vienna and it will be great to see all my friends and family after this exchange semester!

Hear from me next week… One last blog is on its way!