Just can’t wait!

Just can’t wait!

04:00 again…. It marked another normal over-time working day as an auditor in Hong Kong.

I hopped on a taxi  and asked myself “What the hell am I doing?” This is the question that I keep asking since the second week as an auditor in one of the Big Four auditing firm. I must admitted that there is great difference between reality and what I expected. Long working hours, tedious works with no much judgement and thinkings needed…..


Yes, it is a big firm and I can gain invaluable experiences there, but what next? Be an internal auditor of a big corporate later and do the same thing for the rest of my life?

That’s how I started thinking to have a master degree…. To be inspired and to make changes to my career.

When it comes to studying overseas, UK or USA is the most popular among Hong Kong people. But for me, Stockholm popped up in my mind almost immediately.

I exchanged to Stockholm for half a year during my undergraduate degree and I was impressed by the professor there. They seldom refer to book knowledge, instead they encouraged students to think more before reading the book . “ There is no right or wrong for your idea, just different” is the word that I heard most during my exchange study.

What s more, I love almost everything in Stockholm (except the chilling winter). People are shy but very nice to each others. All in all, I just can’t wait to start my study there!!!!