Here I am, Stockholm!!!!

Here I am, Stockholm!!!!

Orientation events, networking with others and partiesssss… these basically sum up what did I do in the first week at Stockholm. No worry, you don’t even have a moment to feel alone or homesick here, as there are always people around to make sure you can get used to the life here as soon as possible.

The most impressive event for me up till now is the Welcome Banquet organized by my school for new master students. Everyone wore Tuxedo and evening gowns to the dinner. During the dinner, we sang a lot of songs. The most interesting part is whenever a song came to an end, we would say “Skål” (a must-learn word in Swedish means Cheer!!) and drink wine together. It is quite a cultural shock for me, since in Hong Kong you are not supposed to drink any alcohol and sing out loud together in such a formal dinner.

Formal dinner

Another unexpected surprise I got is, I had never imagined the diversity of nationalities at school. Here we have students from almost all around the world, South Africa, Germany, China, India, you name it. I think it will be a good experience to work with people who have different cultural background and working style. And I have a feeling that I am studying in a global village rather than Stockholm School of Economics.

Stockholm Fåfängan

Beyond all these new experiences, don’t forget there is still one tedious agenda in your to-do list after the arrival. That is to get a personal number from the tax department here. Personal number is a must here for you to do anything related to your identity, you can’t get a bank account or study Swedish in SFI if you don’t get the personal number. Thus, if everyone is going to study here, make sure you go get the number as soon as possible. It will make your life here even more easier.

So last but not least, enjoy the last bit of summer sun here in September.. I have a strong feeling that Autumn or winter will come soon XDDD Skål!