Hello/Hej/Hallo everyone

Hello/Hej/Hallo everyone

Hello/Hej/Hallo everyone,

My name is Anna and I am going to spend the upcoming summer semester in Stockholm doing an internship at Stockholm University. In the next 4-5 months I will blog about my life in this beautiful Swedish city. Usually, I am coming from Vienna/Austria where I am studying Molecular Biotechnology at the FH Campus Wien.

My preparations were quite stressful and saying goodbye to my family and friends was very hard. But as I really looked forward to a new adventure, developing myself and getting to know new people it was not only a sad goodbye. I even threw a farewell party with Sweden theme and everyone got to dress up as a Swedish figure or thing. There was a Swedish flag, some IKEA guys, Findus without Patterson and a pear, because you have to know that the second most loved Cider in Sweden is pear Cider. I was dressed up as a member of ABBA and looked quite funny. As I finally recovered from the party I only had two days left for packing and just packed my whole wardrobe, which led to a 28kg suitcase and I had to pay 50 Euros for the extra weight. But as I will be here 5 months I need every sock so it’s totally worth it.

Costume party with four people

A pear, a Sweden flag, Findus and Agnetha from ABBA.

I arrived at this weekend and still can’t believe that I will be staying here till June. (I still can’t believe that it has -18 degrees outside either). My first impression of the city was very good, as the sun was shining and the snow was glittering like in a Nordic winter dream and also because I didn’t slip on the steps out of the plane. I travelled together with my friend Max who is also making a research traineeship at the university.

Sunny but cold Stockholm.

I already registered myself at the university and fell in love with the campus and its people. As a student connection I (strangely enough) chose “Natural Sciences” and I am curious to get to know what is that all about. I also got invited to lunch from the group leader of Max and figured out that it’s really true that Swedish people are really funny, friendly and welcoming.

Since Friday was also my 21st birthday, we visited some pubs near Drottninggatan. There are many of them and some even didn’t let us in because “I am way too young”, which never happened to me in Vienna at any time (So now I don’t feel that old anymore). It is true that the alcohol in Sweden is expensive but birthday is only one time a year so 15 Euros for a glass of wine and a beer didn’t hurt that much. Besides that it was very funny and I won’t stop going out because of that (Sorry Dad $$$).

I am really excited about my next steps here, which will be visiting VASA museum tomorrow (The first of many times since I surely have to go with everyone visiting me from back home), having my first day of my research traineeship on Monday and moving into the student home as well. I am very curious about my future home in Sweden and can’t wait to join an organized free bus tour to IKEA on Thursday. (Especially because of the vegan Köttbullar) Hopefully I don’t freeze till then so I can write you again soon.