Goodbye Seoul, hello Stockholm!

Goodbye Seoul, hello Stockholm!

Goodbye and Hello!

Now I’m finally here, Stockholm!

On Saturday, 16th January, I took a flight for Arlanda and the journey began. It took almost 10 hours to go to the Helsinki airport (top image: Moomin shop) in Helsinki!, and I stayed there 6 hours because I need to transfer.

When my friend and I arrived at the airport, it was almost 9pm on Saturday, so we reserved the hotel connected to the airport’s terminal. It was really convenient to move my luggage and also I could use the cart which I really needed to carry my stuff to the hotel.

Since I have those enormous things, my buddy came to the airport with her brother to take me and my friend to the school and Bjornkulla (student housing) on Sunday. If there wasn’t my buddy, I couldn’t go to school at all. Thanks, Linda :)

So now I recommend that you should decrease you stuff as much as you can. At least, don’t bring 3 luggage.

Student room work space

Student room

At first, there was no private space, so I need to rearrange them.

So I arrived at Bjornkulla after collecting my key from the school. I cleaned the old stuffs that former resident left behind and then I had to move the furniture like bed and bookshelves. It was hard to move those big things but anyway I did and finally I could make my private space to live!

Also on that day, we went to Ikea to buy some basic stuff to live in the dorm and it was my first visiting to Ikea in my life even though there’s Ikea in Korea. I ate my dinner there, and it was awesome but I don’t know the name of it, so I’ll get there again! There were beans, some sort of rice, veggie balls, and then white sauce on that plate. Coffee was also cheaper than I expected. 5kr for one coffee! Happiness of 5kr!

On the way to Bjornkulla from there, my friends and I were lost how to go to the dorm, and at that time, I was wearing sneakers and my toes were totally frozen and I decided not to wear it again!! It was almost -20°C…

Welcome note students

Welcome note at Björnkulla

There was a kitchen party so I went there and it was really nice to talk to people, but I couldn’t talk to them that much because I was so tired that my brain didn’t work at all! When I came back to my room, there was my roommate and she’s from Turkey. I hope we can get along together so that we can make our best time here.