A glimpse into my journey… so far!

A glimpse into my journey… so far!

Hey guys !  Let me start this post by wishing you all a Happy New Year ( even though i’m a little bit late ). I hope you all spent amazing holidays, and that you enjoyed and cherished the time spent with your loved ones. I’m coming back today, with a slightly different type of content for you. I compiled images and videos from the past 5 months into a video, showing you what my stay in Stockholm has been so far ( kind of ).

As I explained before, it has been quite a challenge for me, to move here. It was the first time for me living by myself, in a completely new environment. I had moved before, for sure, but always in places that I had already visited or where I knew someone. After settling in my new apartment and getting to know the city a little bit more as well as the little particularities of the «  Swedish ways »,   I had to keep myself motivated and active in order to make my stay here as productive as possible.

Indeed, during the summer and fall days, it was easy to go around the city for a walk, visit a museum or grab a coffee with a friend. But as soon as winter arrived, and as the days shortened, it was definitely more challenging to keep doing a lot of activities ! Despite all of that, I managed to make each of the 5 months spent here worth it, and full of discoveries. I’ll be back soon with a more detailed article summing-up my overall feeling about those first months and my expectations for the upcoming ones.

As I write this article, I am back home, in Cameroon. I’m enjoying the sun as much as I can, making a great stock of Vitamin D and lounging around in 30 plus degrees. I know for a fact that going back to Stockholm will be challenging, but I can’t wait to finally experience the real Scandinavian winter for myself !

For now, I will keep this post short and simple, and let you watch the video ! I hope you enjoy it.

See you soon, take care !