Getting used to this country and the city

Getting used to this country and the city

Hello. こんにちは。 Hur står det till?
One month has been passed since I moved to Europe, and three weeks have been passed since I moved to Sweden.

Last week, I went to Swedish Internet cafe with my Korean friends and Swedish friends. It was actually my first time to go to Internet cafe, and I didn’t thought that I can experience it in Sweden. I learned that people who are looped on video games are international thing. Because in Japan, game sometimes makes people crazy. Swedish friend actually told me that it happens in Sweden as well.

About town

I also went to Natural History Museum in Stockholm city. This is my first museum to visit in Sweden. In Japan, those kind of natural museums are mostly related to nature animals. This actually made me thought that exhibits are only about natural animals in Sweden as well. But, it was different from what I imagined. Of course there were animal exhibits, but there were more exhibits which were about environment issues, and human physical system. Because I took a environment economy class when I was in Japan, and I was really familiar with this issues, but I still learned a lot from this museum. This museum actually reminded me the importance of the eco-friendly system. Some of the European countries are working hard for the environment issues. In Sweden,  eco-friendly system for example; usage of bicycle, eco-friendly  buses, and nature energy system are well developed. These are one of the things which I was surprised. I am thinking to learn more about the environment issues during the study abroad in Sweden. Again and again, this museum reminded me the issues.


Natural history museum

Next, I wrote about my lonely feeling of missing Japanese cuisine on this blog before, and I found the solution for this. I found the Japanese supermarket before at the Stockholm central station. It is quite small supermarket, but I felt really happy to find the Japanese condiments. Also, my Korean friends told me about the Asian supermarket called “oriental market” at the Stockholm central station. It was bigger than the Japanese one, and I bought many of Japanese cuisine. After that, I can finally cook Japanese food for the other international students. For that day, I cooked Japanese noodle called “Udon”.

To add things more, I went to “Japan Festival” on 9/11 which was organized by the Japanese Association. At there, I ate Japanese Sara Udon. Again, it is one type of Japanese noodle. I was quite surprised that there are many Japanese people or people who are interested in Japan living in Sweden. During my three weeks of stay in Sweden, I actually met with Japanese people only at Japanese supermarket. This made me think that population of Japanese in Sweden are quite little, but actually there were more Japanese than I thought. They were dancing the Japanese traditional dance called “Bon Festival” at the center of this festival. There were also people doing Japanese archery, and tea ceremony. It was small, but there was little Japan at that festival.


Japan festival


Japanese fried noodle Sara Udon

After the Japanese festival, me and my friends went to Old Town by taking the boat. It was our first time to visit to the Old Town in Stockholm. I think Old Town is more beautiful than the new one. I think the town itself is the heritage place for me where I can feel the history of  Sweden and the Stockholm. Before I went there, I did not know that Stockholm has like this much of beautiful places. There are so many beautiful places in the cental city, and it is difficult for me to travel all the places. But since because I will study abroad for one year, I would like to try.

Friends at the Old Town Stockholm

My friends at the Old Town