The first two weeks

The first two weeks

Now that I am already 2 weeks in Sweden and lived myself in a little bit, time is running by faster and faster. I am also starting to miss my family and friends a little bit but I guess that’s normal. It’s strange to think that I never was longer away from home than now.

Everyday life in Sweden

I moved into the Studenthuset in Fjällis. The rooms are very cosy and the island on which the studenthome is located on (Lidingö) is very beautiful. It’s a 30 minutes ride to the university but the astonishing nature here makes you ignore that. You can also ice skate up here, but I am really not sure if I dare to step on the ice. (Besides the chance of breaking into the sea which has approximately 0 degrees I already fell down twice while just taking a walk – ice skating wouldn’t end good for me)

Last weekend I was at my first studentparty at Café Bojan which is on the University campus. We decided to go there at 11 pm which was a really bad idea because we had to stand 1 hour in the line outside. Swedes are really punctual when it comes to partying I found out. I really need to adapt some german punctuality (stereotype alarm) for going out. But when we arrived inside we danced the frozen feet away and drank a lot of Jägermeister. This gave me a very bad headache the next day but that’s not too bad if the headache is accompanied by good memories.

The working at the university is great, I already learned a lot of new stuff and they let me work independently. Everybody is very friendly and I feel really welcome here. Unfortunately everyone was ill this week (Did I brought an Austrian Virus or what?) and so I couldn’t do a thing. But I used the time to explore Stockholm a bit, made a trip to IKEA and got used to my bed while watching Netflix.

Gamla Stan and the Nobel Museum

Church Gamla Stan Stockholm

This weekend we made a new approach to look more closely at Gamla Stan, since the temperature was a little warmer than -18 degrees. It is a beautiful old town and I am looking forward to walk through it in spring. We went to the Nobel museum (to prepare for the future haha). I can recommend it very much, even for people who aren’t that much into chemistry/medicin or another nobel price category. Make sure to listen to a tour guide, you can learn lots of interesting stuff about the Nobel price and its inventor Alfred Nobel. The coffee is also very good in Gama Stan but I guess that can be said for Sweden in general. Not a day has passed were I didn’t had one or two fika with colleagues or new friends. Coffein is really a big thing here.

You will hear from me soon,