First Things to Notice

After spending my first two weeks in Stockholm, it might be time for an update! Coming to Stockholm was quite easy. Exchange students arrived at the airport and were picked up by other students. They arranged a shuttle bus to drop everyone off at the central station of Stockholm (T-centralen). A bus drive of 30-40 minutes were you get to know the first and most important things about Stockholm. After getting at T-centralen everyone went to different hostels because the accommodation key pick up was open from Monday, not Sunday. In my case, I had to get to Hantverkargatan, Kungsholmen. Pushed my suitcases in the elevator at the metro station and got stuck in the elevator immediately. They are probably not made for students with a lot of suitcases… Anyway, after taking a metro, bus and walking the last meters we arrived at the hostel.

Key pick up for accommodation (I stay in Idun) was available from Monday so we went there very early. Besides the dirt you may find in your room, the apartments are very nice and centured in the Vasastaden area. After installing, Stockholm University had a lot of things arranged as an Orientation Week for new students. There were a lot of possibilities to see the city and campus from different perspectives. For example, there was an Orientation Evening to get the most important information about health, studies and everything. We could attend free bus tours to Ikea, free guided city bus tours, go to different parties and have campus and library tours. Also, the Student Union hosted a welcome breakfast which consisted of delicious Swedish food and coffee. These things were really nice to get to know Stockholm and it’s University, it made me feel welcome as an exchange student.

A couple of things came to my notice while I was wondering my first weeks through Stockholm. It might be nice to share these. First, in Stockholm be prepared for snow, sun and rain all in one week. The weather changes so quick I still have difficulties choosing my outfits for a whole day. Also, in Stockholm there’s some vibe to bring your kids everywhere. Children are being seen on campus, in cafés and restaurants and in public transport facilities. I guess it means Stockholm is very safe! Last thing to remember whenever you go to Sweden: queues. Be prepared for a lot of queues… There are queues everywhere. From the queues in front of the buses, queues in the supermarkets and queues in café’s, Swedes just love their queues. I guess it means the Swedes have a lot of patience. So always keep in queue!