First Swedish week

First Swedish week

I have always wanted to live abroad. I remember, as a little child, I wanted to discover the world and I was kind of jealous when people I knew were going overseas. And now, in January 2016, I finally made my dream become true!

It’s been almost a week that I have left my home town, my parents and my friends to go to Sweden and spend 6 months here. I come from France, and the first difference between these two countries is pretty obvious : the weather. When I got off the plane, I felt the frozen air coming to me, it was so cold!

My last week in France was quite hard for me. I told goodbye to my friends (but I know it wasn’t farewells so I’m just excited to see them again in June, or maybe before), we went partying in pubs and bars which was pretty cool. And the worst part was saying goodbye to my family and my boyfriend. I had never lived on my own before, and I was quite stressed about it actually. I live in Lappis, which is a place where only exchange students live. It’s only 10 minutes away from the university, and you can either do the way on foot or by bus. In France, I have to take the bus during 30 minutes to get to the university! That’s a big change for me! It’s so nice walking in the snow every morning, every day, to go to class. I really enjoy being here.

From Lappis to the University

On the way from Lappis to the University

So, we’re Thursday 21 now, the orientation week is almost over. I liked this week, it’s an opportunity to get to know new people from all over the world and maybe build a friendship with them. I did almost all the activities : the Cafe Tour, the Campus tour, the Orientation Day, the free bus tour to Ikea… I just missed the pub crawl because there were too many people. But I met lots of people, from Taiwan, Peru, Finland, Holland, Germany… even from France! We are quite a lot actually, but most of the French students are studying at the Business School. I’ve also met my roomates, who are sharing the same corridor with me, the kitchen and the living room. There is an Italian girl, and there are two boys : a Spanish and a German. We ate together, getting to know each other. Roomies are also the best way to make friends!

The cafe tour quizz contest!

The cafe tour, my team wan the quizz contest!

Finally, I went to lectures. I’m a geography student, which means I study physical geography, but also human and urban. In Sweden, the courses are trully different from the ones we have in France. First, here, we have only one course per period (a period lasts one month), with both lectures and seminars (where you work on groups on a subject). Then, we only have a few hours per week. But there are homeworks to do, books to read etc. So you’re not totally on holidays! I also chose the Swedish for International students course, just to learn a little of this tongue! because when I went to the shop, I was lost because I didn’t understand what was written on the products! I ended up buying the wrong shampoo.

In a nutshell, I can say that my first week in Sweden was more than perfect! I’m getting along with living on my own, doing my own laundry (there is a room for it in Lappis), preparing my own food, buying my own stuff… It’s actually nice! Finally living as an adult. Even if I got lost, even if I bought the wrong things, even if I sometimes feel alone, I know I can meet new people every day, going out every day… I live my own life :)

Lappis house