Fast train, cultural novelties and Icha Icha

Hello everyone. こんにちは。

This is my second blog, and my first blog after I move to Sweden. I moved to Sweden on 22nd of August from Paris. Right just before moving to here, I was super nervous about my new life in Sweden, but at the same time, again, I was super excited to meet more people from all around the world, and to learn more cultures. I said goodbye to my girlfriend, and went to Sweden with this fidgeting feelings.

First thing I surprised just after I arrived at the Sweden was the train called “Arlanda Express”. I could not been in time with welcome bus which was supported by universities of Stockholm STAF, so I decided to take this train to go to Stockholm central station from Arlanda Airport. It was bit expensive, but super fast train. It reminded me Japanese super express train called “Shinkansen”. It took only 15-20 mins to get to the Stockholm central station. I was also surprised with the purchase system of the train. I thought I need to buy the ticket at the ticket office, but I bought mine at the platform. I thought this is unique thing in Sweden.

Arlanda Express

Arlanda Express. Picture retrieved from Arlanda Express official website. (n.d.). Retrieved September 1, 2016, from

Next, I bought a ticket for the train at central station with a little bit tough time with purchasing. I was surprised that a paper looks like receipt was the ticket for the train. I took me long time to figure out how to use the ticket; which was showing this paper to the station employee.

Arriving to Södertörn University

After I arrived at my Södertörns university, I did my registration, and moved to my dorm. Dorm was quite nice. There are students from many European countries in same floor. After I arrived to my dorm, most biggest culture shock was postal service in Sweden. In Japan, if you send a package to somebody else, Japan post will send it to the home or office directly. But in here, I need to go to quickshop to get my package. My dad send me about 5kg package from Japan for me, so I needed to bring it back to my dorm by myself…This was very cultural shocking experience for me…This was my first day.

After the first day, I joined IKEA tour with other students to buy furnitures. It was quite big one. We have IKEA in Japan as well, so I was used to the selling system at there.

I went to the Stockholm city with all of another exchange students as well. It was very beautiful city. Architectures are really beautiful, atmosphere of the city, and combination with the sea side are really really beautiful. I sended the pictures to my dad and mom as soon as I went to the city, and they liked it as well. Because I had limited time, I could not go inside the museum or see many famous places, but I would love to visit there again soon.

Architecture Stockholm

Stockholm Architecture

City Stockholm

Stockholm City

I also found many Japanese restaurants at “Mall of Scandinavia” which is located at Solna. Most interesting thing was there was a restaurant called “Icha Icha Love Nature”. Icha Icha means like “Loving somebody or something deeply, and show this action to others”. I thought the name of this restaurant was quite funny.


Icha Icha Japanese restaurant

Icha Icha Japanese restaurant

After these, days went super fast. After few days later, I realized I stayed at Sweden already one week. Right now, our classes has been started. But I would like to find out more interesting in here!

See you!