Enjoying winter and surströmming

Enjoying winter and surströmming

My new course and the orientation week have kept me quite busy. I have just recently moved to a new apartment (top image: View from my window). The moving was quite a project, since I have brought here nearly everything I own (do not recommend this to anyone haha). During my stay here I have even bought a new coffee machine and a shelf, but hey what makes a girl more happy than shopping and good coffee.

Traditional Swedish cuisine surströmming

Trying surströmming (traditional Swedish cuisine) was one of the last things we did together with our friends before saying goodbye. I think you are supposed to eat it with bread, but I just tried it without. You can eat it quicker this way :D

Drottningholm Royal garden

Drottningholm Royal Palace in winter


The snow has mostly melted now. But luckily me and my friend got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Drottningholm Palace (images above).

I’m already looking forward to all the fun stuff this spring. I’ve promised myself to finally visit the Abba museum and bought tickets for Eurovision semi-finals. Maybe I can squeeze in a little trip somewhere, to Finland at least.