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One month in Sweden

One month in Sweden

I arrived at Arlanda Airport on Saturday just before beginning of new semester. From then, it’s been more than one month to stay here. And after the last post, I did such things which were really Swedish and international!

Do you know Fettisdagen? In direct translation, it’s fat Tuesday. On that day, it’s traditional and common to eat certain food in Sweden so you can see many people who eat this food in café, bakery and home.

Swedish Semlor pastery


The dessert bread is Semla which is the food people eat at Fettisdagen. There is delicious cream between bottom part of the bun and top of the bun. Also the flavor of the bun is not just flour, but the flavor of cardamom, additionally, there’s another thing, excepting whipped cream, between two parts of bun but still I don’t know exactly what it is. Usually many bakeries and cafés sell Semla during the winter before March but there are famous and popular places to eat semla where you can eat every day.

I went to il café which is located in Sodermalm with my friend and we didn’t know that day was fettisdagen so we were quite wondering why all people in the café were eating same dessert. We ordered it and ate because I thought that bread was the most popular in Il café. Later, my tutor told me that it was fettisdagen! That was accidentally happened but I celebrated Semla Day anyway and it was really “Swedish”.  (One of my friends went to vete-gatan for eating semla the other day, and she loves there right now.)

Vasa 15th century battleship

Vasa museum

I’m quite sure that more than 80% of exchange students in Sweden visit this museum. Vasa Museum.

Basically there’s just one real ship which was sunk in 25min after starting the first voyage around 300 years ago. I was disappointed at the size of ship and that we can’t go inside of the ship. I expected extremely huge size of the ship, but it wasn’t. Also it cost 80kr with ESN card when I bought it in advance; otherwise, it was 100kr which is not cheap at all. Even though the museum was unsatisfying and nothing special, Sweden is biking’s country and at least I saw real ship that Swedish were on board. The museum was not great that much but the guide was really good at explanation so that I could focus on the sad and ridiculous story of Vasa!

I have a roommate and she’s from turkey. Her friend who’s from same university with her is roommate of my friend who’s from same school with me! So we had Turkish brunch together. It was so great. We made the bread ourselves.

Brunch in Stockholm

Salad, cheese, olive, and Pişi. Pişi tastes and seems like donut and it was really great with cheese.

I’m so happy that I met awesome and great roommate who is thoughtful and funny. I was worried about roommate before I met her but now I can’t imagine if I lived in single room! Also her friend who’s my friend’s roommate is so cool that I can’t help but like her. I’m so thankful that I can be close to them:)

Learning and taking notes with pencil

I learned Turkish a little bit haha


Trip to Estonia

Trip to Estonia

From last Friday to Sunday, I went to Estonia with other exchange students by Ferry and it was my first time to travel with ferry! The ship was much bigger than I thought and there are a lot of rooms. 4 people use one room together, but it was not that uncomfortable even though the size of the room was small.

First night of the trip, we all went to the nightclub and danced a lot. There were many other people from different places, not just Erasmus students from my school. Anyway I can say the first night in the ship was really great except some disturbance in the club. Saturday morning, we had 6hours of sightseeing and we decided to go to the Old Town. Because many girls were starving at that time, we stopped by the café where the bakery menu was quite good and had some time for planning for the trip.

Tallinn church

 One of my friends really wanted to see Saint Olav church but, unfortunately, we couldn’t see inside of the Saint Olav church since it is closed when it’s winter. Soon, we found another church and later I’ve heard that it was the church of typical Russian religion. Since I’m a Christian, my friends asked me about the church, but it was not about my religion so I couldn’t answer any of their questions. The interior of the church was so impressive that I still cannot forget it! It reminded me of the huge temple that I saw in Japan before.

Tallinn tourist bus or train

Tallinn view

Tallinn old building

The street of the Old Town in Tallinn was really beautiful and the colors of the buildings were so pretty. They were painted with pastel colors and they made the streets wonderful. We just walked along the streets and we finally found some stairs for going up. The city view from there was the exact one I wanted to see and it was fantastic enough! The scene looked like a picture of the fairy tale.

Tallinn food

It was 14euros per one person and so good! Mine was shrimp curry.

On the way back to Sweden, we stayed same ship and I couldn’t enjoy the life that night because it was tossed too much. I got seasick so I had to sleep… If the weather was better, I could have more sightseeing and enjoy the last night in the ship. I’m satisfied with the trip, though!

Getting close to the life in Stockholm

Getting close to the life in Stockholm

The orientation week passed really quickly. We did sightseeing to the downtown, taking lectures about school and Swedish culture, also having parties of course. It’s been just a week but I feel like it’s been a month.

Walking in Gamla Stan Stockholm

This is Gamla stan which is old town in Stockholm. There were many beautiful buildings and funny stores.

I met a Swedish guy in the welcoming party and he’s my friends’ mentor who is helping the international students in Sweden. We talked a lot on that day and he promised me to take me around the Stockholm and 2 days later, I and my friends went to the Gamlastan!

Before heading for the old town, we went to Asian buffet restaurant with another mentor, and it was great. With 99kr, I can eat many kinds of Asian foods there as lunch! I was satisfied with the restaurant especially because there’s tofu (:

After that, we walked and there were Kingsgarden, frozen river, and lots of ducks and birds on the way to go to the old town. In Korea, the shape of the buildings and the size of them are really different from Sweden and also from Europe. Skyscrapers and tons of apartments in Seoul are not beautiful at all but old buildings and old shops in Gamlastan were beautiful and impressive. If my dorm is close to that town, then I would be in one of the cafes there every day, probably.

There were many baskets for shopping and I can drag them without any power and then I don’t have to hold up all the time! In Korea, there are some shopping carts but not in middle sized supermarket like Lidl.

There were many baskets for shopping and I can drag them without any power and then I don’t have to hold up all the time! In Korea, there are some shopping carts but not in middle sized supermarket like Lidl.

I went to a supermarket named Lidl, and the closest one from Bjornkulla is located in Tumba. From Flemingsberg, it takes less than 20 minutes because there’s just one station, Huddinge, between flemingsberg and tumba. Close to the dorm, there’s Pulsen which is a small supermarket but I think Lidl is cheaper than Pulsen, so if it’s not urgent to buy, I will go to Lidl for grocery shopping, There was also systembolaget where people can buy alcohol. Since I don’t drink strong drinks, I just bought some beers but my friend bought several bottles of wine. It’s really strange that there’s a special store for alcohol in Sweden. Of course there’s stores just for alcohol in Seoul, too, but we can buy every alcohol including vodka and other strong drinks in the market or convenience store. But in Sweden, you can buy them only in systembolaget except some light beers!

I still feel exotic feelings here but I think it’s natural because I’m meeting new people from different parts of the world, and they definitely don’t know what Korean culture is or how the environment I’ve grown up is. However, I’m doing good right now in this country and I hope I can be closer to the others who I haven’t met yet!

(My worries about my roommates are gone away! My roommate and her friend are very nice and I love them now!)


Goodbye Seoul, hello Stockholm!

Goodbye Seoul, hello Stockholm!

Goodbye and Hello!

Now I’m finally here, Stockholm!

On Saturday, 16th January, I took a flight for Arlanda and the journey began. It took almost 10 hours to go to the Helsinki airport (top image: Moomin shop) in Helsinki!, and I stayed there 6 hours because I need to transfer.

When my friend and I arrived at the airport, it was almost 9pm on Saturday, so we reserved the hotel connected to the airport’s terminal. It was really convenient to move my luggage and also I could use the cart which I really needed to carry my stuff to the hotel.

Since I have those enormous things, my buddy came to the airport with her brother to take me and my friend to the school and Bjornkulla (student housing) on Sunday. If there wasn’t my buddy, I couldn’t go to school at all. Thanks, Linda :)

So now I recommend that you should decrease you stuff as much as you can. At least, don’t bring 3 luggage.

Student room work space

Student room

At first, there was no private space, so I need to rearrange them.

So I arrived at Bjornkulla after collecting my key from the school. I cleaned the old stuffs that former resident left behind and then I had to move the furniture like bed and bookshelves. It was hard to move those big things but anyway I did and finally I could make my private space to live!

Also on that day, we went to Ikea to buy some basic stuff to live in the dorm and it was my first visiting to Ikea in my life even though there’s Ikea in Korea. I ate my dinner there, and it was awesome but I don’t know the name of it, so I’ll get there again! There were beans, some sort of rice, veggie balls, and then white sauce on that plate. Coffee was also cheaper than I expected. 5kr for one coffee! Happiness of 5kr!

On the way to Bjornkulla from there, my friends and I were lost how to go to the dorm, and at that time, I was wearing sneakers and my toes were totally frozen and I decided not to wear it again!! It was almost -20°C…

Welcome note students

Welcome note at Björnkulla

There was a kitchen party so I went there and it was really nice to talk to people, but I couldn’t talk to them that much because I was so tired that my brain didn’t work at all! When I came back to my room, there was my roommate and she’s from Turkey. I hope we can get along together so that we can make our best time here.


The things I newly learn about Sweden

The things I newly learn about Sweden

Since I got to know about Sweden, Sweden was one of my “Dream Countries”. Well, the fantasies I have about the country made that result. I had a quite hard time to choose the places for spending one year of my college life, and I finally decided to go to Sweden (top image: Find where I go from the travel book I got).

After I got a permission letter from Södertörn University, I searched the information about the country, and there are three facts I found!

First, its official name is Kingdom of Sweden. Then, they have King and Queen? Actually, the King of Sweden was popular once in Facebook among South Korean with the pictures showing the king wearing some ridiculous but cute hats. In addition, there’s a prince who is really handsome like actor, and he was also popular as a handsome prince in Facebook! Now what I need to do is buying the king’s hat, and going to meet the prince while wearing the hat I buy! Haha

Secondly, Sweden is the country of Nobel Prize. Every year, Nobel Prizes are given to people from 6 fields. (There’s only one Korean, Kim Dae Jung, who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.) I’d never known that the chemist Nobel was born in Stockholm and Nobel Prizes is held in Stockholm! Okay, so I want to visit Konserthuset(Stockholm Concert hall) where ceremony is held. Plus, there are many classical music concerts you can enjoy at Concert hall.

P.S. Nobel Peace Prize Award is held in Oslo, Norway.

Seo Yeong's playlist Avicii

One part of my music playlist- Actually I like not only Avicii’s music but also other kinds of music such as pop or classical one.

Last one is Avicii. I bet that college students who like EDM may know Avicii, the famous DJ. He is a really well known artist and his music is quite unique and different from other usual music in same category. Even though I don’t have much knowledge about Electronic music, I know him because I fell in love with his songs including The Nights. I recommend listening to the song. I’m so happy that I go to the country where Avicii was born in and I hope to have his songs at the party or festival during this year!

There were few people who knew Sweden exactly when I asked my friends and, even me; I realized that I couldn’t explain about where I go. I’ve had just fantasies, not the facts or specific information. I wish I can explain and tell people about the real Sweden and what I feel after I come back to Korea!