Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots

Dear friends!

I have been back in Vienna for three weeks now and have to say that I still haven´t really settled here. My head is in the clouds and my heart in Sweden. It is a strange thing to undergo- one moment I am in Stockholm and the other I am back home, realizing that nothing has changed. It is as though I have never been gone…

When I am in my room, I am constantly thinking about changing something. I imagine my room at Lappis and wonder, who is going to move in there next. I am thinking about my favourite spots in Stockholm- the rock in Södermalm with an amazing view over Stockholm and Lappis Beach, where I have spent many evenings.

Nevertheless, what I miss the most are probably all the people that I have met. My friend Wouter, who is back in Amsterdam now, wrote to me: “We will never have that life back. But it´ll stay an amazing memory for the rest of our lives.”

I feel like a different person now. I would immediately go on Erasmus again and my desire to travel is bigger than ever.

I am really thankful that I was enabled to do this semester abroad. I want to address a huge thanks to my father and mother, without whom this experience wouldn’t have been possible. My parents always stand behind me and do everything they can to help make my dreams come true! I love them so much and can´t thank them enough for this!

It is actually a funny story how I chose Stockholm as my Eramus- destination- or should I say how  Stockholm chose me…: From the beginning of this whole process I was mind set that I would go in Erasmus in Kingston- a little bit South of London. I love London and British people- plus my sister lives there! It has always been a bit unclear if I could actually go there, since the curriculum for our teacher- studies in Austria have been changed and nobody knew if I would get credits if I went to the university in Kingston.

Anyway, last September I went to the International Office of my university and my Erasmus- coordinator, Mr. Pirolt, told me that Kingston is no longer a possibility for me. Another student of our partner university in Lower Austria had gotten the spot. Mr. Pirolt also mentioned that I could do an Erasmus semester after I had done my Bachelor, as a seventh semester. I remember this moment as if it was yesterday. I wanted to cry. Instead I thought “no”. I want to go abroad now and I will find another destination. My only condition would be that it had to be a city. So I just started asking about random cities that I have been to and knew that I liked them. “Is Copenhagen available?”, “No.”, “Is Stockholm available?”….“You are lucky because since this semester we are partners with Stockholm University!”

At this point this wasn´t necessarily an advantage, as it was a long and hard process to find out the terms and conditions with this university and conformable courses in English so that I would get enough credits.
A few months later, after having planned almost everything for my trip to Stockholm, my coordinator came up to me and told me that the girl that was going to Kingston changed her mind. Now, nobody was going to Kingston but it was too late to change my destination. For a moment I was a bit angry at this girl, but then I thought “This must be fait.” And I was right! I am so glad that I went to Sweden, this exotic Northern country, where I saw things that I would never have seen; places like Lapland and Norway which I would never have travelled to if I would have gone to England. So I would also like to thank this random girl from Lower Austria for having applied for Kingston, so that I wasn´t able to go… And of course, I would also like to thank my coordinator Mr. Pirolt for having helped me plan everything and having been so supportive all the time.

After the first half of my Erasmus semester, during the Easter holidays, where I was in Switzerland, I downloaded an app called “1 Second Every Day”. A friend from Lappis told me about this app and I loved the idea of it. It works like this: You film one situation every day with your phone and upload it to this app. Then you can choose one second out of this footage that you want to keep. Every day you will have different shots of different places and people. After some time, it is so much fun to watch the whole film at once, as I remembered where I have been and what happened that day. At the beginning I sometimes forgot to film, but after some time I was excited every day to choose a film- worthy situation. It also got me thinking: what am I going to make special about this day, which is worth capturing for this app…? In total I have filmed on 68 days- the video being 1.08 minutes long. I have decided to share this video with you. You might want to watch it twice, since one second is actually too short in order to get a good impression of something. In the bottom I have made a key, so you can see what each second is about. Hope you like it!

My last thanks go to the members of Stockholm´s Academic Forum, where all my blogs have been posted. Dan, who I have sent my blogs to and even met at his office to get to know his colleagues and working space, has done a wonderful job! It has been great fun to write these blogs- not only as a source for my family and friends to keep track of what I am doing, but also for myself as a memory or diary, which I will always have.

And at last, thank you to myself- I am proud that I went on Erasmus!

All the best,


  1. Glacier 3000 in Switzerland
  2. Plane back to Stockholm
  3. My friend Nina came for a visit
  4. On the way back from one of my favourite vegetarian Restaurants: “Herman´s”
  5. A corridor dinner in our newly renovated kitchen
  6. Wouter and I on our way to Oslo
  7. On the train to Bergen
  8. Main square in Bergen
  9. Odda- the deserted location of our Airbnb
  10. On my way down from the mountain
  11. On our way back to Oslo
  12. On the train via Stockholm
  13. University Campus
  14. My favourite park: Humlegarden
  15. 90s- Party in a corridor kitchen
  16. On the bus after dancing class
  17. After our Science- course with my two Icelandic friends Dianna and Eyglo
  18. Night out with Kim and Wouter and Mario´s red umbrella
  19. Kulturnatt in Stockholm- we got into a snowstorm after a ballet show
  20. Recovery day at Lappis… It was hailing outside
  21. Lappis- scream with Kim and my friend Surya who came for a visit from Vienna
  22. Packing for our outing to Uppsala for Valborg (huge spring- celebration in Sweden)
  23. Club in Uppsala at Valborg
  24. Swedes waving their caps- welcoming spring on the main square in Uppsala
  25. Corridor dinner
  26. Going for walk at Lappis Beach with Kim
  27. On the “tunnelbana” on my way back from the preschool where I did my internship for two weeks
  28. At the preschool
  29. Dianne´s Birthday at Lappis
  30. Fika with Kim and my Swedish friend Linn
  31. Rooftop Party at Slakthuset
  32. Coming home from my British neighbour Dan´s Birthday dinner
  33. At the live viewing of the ESC first semi final
  34. Douwe Bob and The Common Linnets giving a concert at the Pet Sounds Bar
  35. Dance lesson at the preschool
  36. Singing with the kiddies
  37. Public viewing of the ESC finals in Kungsträdgarden
  38. On the bus with Kim and Elias
  39. In the Opera House with Kim and Linn after having seen an amazing ballet staging of “Alice in Wonderland”
  40. ESN- quiz to the Eurovision Song Contest
  41. Last Bojan- Clubbing (Club on Cumpus)
  42. Corridor Party at Kungshamra (other housing campus)
  43. Visiting Fjäderholmerna in the Archipelago with Dan
  44. Discovering the most beautiful spot on the rock in Södermalm
  45. On the plane to Amsterdam
  46. Main square in Amsterdam
  47. “Lecker Friday”- celebration at the housing campus of my friends in Haarlem
  48. Airport at 4 am
  49. BBQ with my corridor mates at Lappis
  50. Watching the traditional guard exchange at the palace in Stockholm with my mom and her friends
  51. On a boat in the Archipelago
  52. Good- bye BBQ for my Icelandic friends… and Kim being silly
  53. Dinner with my girls: Kim, Juul and Karo
  54. Flamingo Party
  55. Another dinner with my girls: Linn, Kim and Emilia from Vienna
  56. Rooftop party at Slakthuset
  57. Good- Bye BBQ at Lappis Beach for my Italian friends
  58. Fancy dinner in Gamla Stan
  59. Dim Vanilla concert at the Pet Sounds Bar
  60. Day at Skansen- an open air museum in Stockholm
  61. Typical Swedish graduation celebration
  62. Out for drinks with Kim and my friends from Haarlem
  63. Dancing on the terrace at Kaken
  64. Last evening with my friends from Haarlem at Lappis Beach
  65. Back at the preschool for their final presentation
  66. Lappis Beach again
  67. My last evening in Stockholm with Elias, Kim, Linn and Victor
  68. Take off at Arlanda Airport