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To-do list

This time I’m gonna give a quick idea of what I expect to do in Sweden for the upcoming 2 years. Mostly will change a bit, when I get to know the city and life there a little more, but speaking of what I expect from there – here is a list:


Yeah, I’m really excited about my studies. Meaning most of the time I’ll be studying all by myself and Nordics have really well-developed media sphere. Think it gonna be very interesting in professional and cultural way.

Life on countryside…

…while still 30 min from the city center. I decided to stay out of the city – not only because it’s much cheaper, but also because I always wanted to try how it feels. Now I will have a huge lake and a giant forest just by the door.


One of the places I’m gonna visit at least once a week. It’s like Centre Pompidou in Paris, but also with classes on arts – which are mostly free or just affordable.

Cinemateket @ Svenska Film Institutet

A place where they show you old movies.

Learning Swedish

Which is free as I’m a student. On my last visit to Stockholm I’ve been told by those who have been studying for a while that there are 2 options for language. First – at the University, second – provided by the city council for all new residents. And they’ve told second one is much better. Let’s check this out.


This is a bit strange organization J As far as I understand, it’s an institution that provides adult education in many fields, and most of it happens not in its own building, but is provided in other different places. Though, I don’t care, honestly. I’m just DIY […]

How to pack?

I know that it may be a little bit too early to start packing things for my two years in Sweden. However, it is never too early to start making a checklist for packing, as the later I start preparing, the easier I forget to bring something. Here are some tips:

Start making a checklist NOW

It is not easy to remember everything you need to bring when you are in a hurry, so it would be better to start making a draft checklist in your phone. It can make sure that whenever you come up with anything that you need to bring for your study, you can write it down immediately. Trust me, it will make your packing much more faster and easier later.

Look for things that you need to buy

There are something that you don’t need to use in your hometown, but you will need them while you study abroad. For example, plug adapter or an extra router, etc.

In Hong Kong, the coldest day is around 10°C, which is incomparable to -10°C in Sweden. So I need extra winter gears and clothes with me.

It is sure that you can get everything you need in Stockholm, but don’t forget in Sweden they charge 25% VAT on most of the goods. Thus, I think in general, it would be cheaper to buy things in hometown instead.

Check anything you need to do

Since we will go home less often during our study in Sweden, I think there are some tedious things that we need to fix before starting the journey.

The most important thing is to exchange some kronor for the use in first few weeks. With the student visa, foreign student can open a bank account in […]

Travel time

A little more than five weeks is – at the time I am writing this – all that stands between today and my departure to Sweden and Stockholm. The past month, it has come to me how much time and effort it actually takes to arrange all requirements for my semester abroad! Of course, I knew I would need to make sure some issues resolved, such as applying at Södertörns Högskola as well as booking flights. However, when I imagined everything was going smoothly, I received various emails from my home and host university, the ERASMUS+ programme, my insurance company, my bank, … . I might have been a bit naïve, but I was truly overwhelmed for a moment! As in nearly every situation, preparation is key, I decided to take things seriously and get work done.

Despite being at sixes and sevens every now and then, matters eventually got cleared up and I think I am well underway at this moment. Moreover, travel preparations can be very fun too! As I have not been away from home for a consecutive period this long, – many travel dreams are still to be fulfilled – I considered it wise to invest in a proper suitcase. Testing its size by trying to curl up and fit in (surprisingly: it didn’t work), this one should nonetheless get me through five months.

Before my ‘big journey’ to Sweden, however, there are still two small trips to enjoy. One of them lies already behind me: a holiday to Catalonia, Spain with friends! After a serious heat wave in the Netherlands in which various records were broken, we were a bit apprehensive of going to an even warmer country! All jokes aside, it […]

Time to start my pre-departure preparations!!!

After resigning from my work, it is time to start doing some preparations before I come to Stockholm!!!!

Based on my previous experience, I hardly find a Swedish who can’t speak English, so I guess language won’t be a big problem in this country. However, since I am going to stay in this country for two years, I think it would be better if I know some basic Swedish to communicate with others.

Previously, my friend suggested a very useful language learning webpage called “Duolingo” to me and surprisingly I find Swedish course in it. This webpage provides pretty all-round language training where you can learn both reading listening and speaking skills. Moreover, the syllabus is quite well-organized, as you need to finish learning some basic things before you can move on to learn more advance sentence structures. And the best part is it is completely free of charge!!!

So started from last week, I go to this webpage when I am free and hopefully two months later I can handle some very basic conversation in Swedish with people there. Well… it is kind of a challenge to my persistence.

Yes, language won’t be a problem in Sweden, but accommodation must be a big problem. Afterall it is not traveling and I can’t stay in hostel for like two years, so it is always better to start looking for place to live earlier.

Indeed, there are plenty of choices for accommodation in Stockholm. You can choose to live alone, share it with others or rent a corridor room. For me, I love to socialize with different people but at the same time I want my personal space, so student corridor room is definitely a good choice. As I previously exchanged to […]