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First Swedish week

I have always wanted to live abroad. I remember, as a little child, I wanted to discover the world and I was kind of jealous when people I knew were going overseas. And now, in January 2016, I finally made my dream become true!
It’s been almost a week that I have left my home town, my parents and my friends to go to Sweden and spend 6 months here. I come from France, and the first difference between these two countries is pretty obvious : the weather. When I got off the plane, I felt the frozen air coming to me, it was so cold!
My last week in France was quite hard for me. I told goodbye to my friends (but I know it wasn’t farewells so I’m just excited to see them again in June, or maybe before), we went partying in pubs and bars which was pretty cool. And the worst part was saying goodbye to my family and my boyfriend. I had never lived on my own before, and I was quite stressed about it actually. I live in Lappis, which is a place where only exchange students live. It’s only 10 minutes away from the university, and you can either do the way on foot or by bus. In France, I have to take the bus during 30 minutes to get to the university! That’s a big change for me! It’s so nice walking in the snow every morning, every day, to go to class. I really enjoy being here.

So, we’re Thursday 21 now, the orientation week is almost over. I liked this week, it’s an opportunity to get to know new people from all over the world and maybe build […]

Goodbye Seoul, hello Stockholm!

Goodbye and Hello!

Now I’m finally here, Stockholm!

On Saturday, 16th January, I took a flight for Arlanda and the journey began. It took almost 10 hours to go to the Helsinki airport (top image: Moomin shop) in Helsinki!, and I stayed there 6 hours because I need to transfer.

When my friend and I arrived at the airport, it was almost 9pm on Saturday, so we reserved the hotel connected to the airport’s terminal. It was really convenient to move my luggage and also I could use the cart which I really needed to carry my stuff to the hotel.

Since I have those enormous things, my buddy came to the airport with her brother to take me and my friend to the school and Bjornkulla (student housing) on Sunday. If there wasn’t my buddy, I couldn’t go to school at all. Thanks, Linda :)

So now I recommend that you should decrease you stuff as much as you can. At least, don’t bring 3 luggage.

So I arrived at Bjornkulla after collecting my key from the school. I cleaned the old stuffs that former resident left behind and then I had to move the furniture like bed and bookshelves. It was hard to move those big things but anyway I did and finally I could make my private space to live!

Also on that day, we went to Ikea to buy some basic stuff to live in the dorm and it was my first visiting to Ikea in my life even though there’s Ikea in Korea. I ate my dinner there, and it was awesome but I don’t know the name of it, so I’ll get there again! There were beans, some sort of rice, veggie balls, and then white […]

Hello/Hej/Hallo everyone

Hello/Hej/Hallo everyone,

My name is Anna and I am going to spend the upcoming summer semester in Stockholm doing an internship at Stockholm University. In the next 4-5 months I will blog about my life in this beautiful Swedish city. Usually, I am coming from Vienna/Austria where I am studying Molecular Biotechnology at the FH Campus Wien.

My preparations were quite stressful and saying goodbye to my family and friends was very hard. But as I really looked forward to a new adventure, developing myself and getting to know new people it was not only a sad goodbye. I even threw a farewell party with Sweden theme and everyone got to dress up as a Swedish figure or thing. There was a Swedish flag, some IKEA guys, Findus without Patterson and a pear, because you have to know that the second most loved Cider in Sweden is pear Cider. I was dressed up as a member of ABBA and looked quite funny. As I finally recovered from the party I only had two days left for packing and just packed my whole wardrobe, which led to a 28kg suitcase and I had to pay 50 Euros for the extra weight. But as I will be here 5 months I need every sock so it’s totally worth it.

I arrived at this weekend and still can’t believe that I will be staying here till June. (I still can’t believe that it has -18 degrees outside either). My first impression of the city was very good, as the sun was shining and the snow was glittering like in a Nordic winter dream and also because I didn’t slip on the steps out of the plane. I travelled together with my friend […]

Tomorrow – my journey at SU begins!

On Monday I commence at Stockholm University, or Stockholms Universitet as the locals call it (the time of showing off my very basic Swedish has come!)

Filled with an eagerness to settle into my student apartment and student life, I’ll be taking the tunnelbana (underground) to Frescati campus early in the morning to get the keys for my place, register for my courses, obtain my personal number and meet with a few mates I’ve made who also study at SU.

At some point this week I need to pick up my Swedish resident identity card in Solna so that passage throughout the EU on weekend trips is seamless.

During my first week in Stockholm, I explored the city – walking from Drottninggattan Mall to Gamla Stan and old town, then further out to Södermalm at night with my Swedish comrades checking out the funky night life and bars that this beautiful city has. First impressions: winter wonderland and very cold. More thermals needed.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm. Winter wonderland arrival for my arrival!

Time permitted a few days up in Abisko (top image) where I caught Aurora Borealis (northern lights) each night of my stay. It was brilliant – and well worth the 18 hour sleeper train ride. The place is so peaceful and isolated with a single hotel and some dogs for the dog sledding. It was a great way to have some down time and I highly recommend it as a weekend trip for anyone thinking of studying in Stockholm!

Until next time friends! – Adam

Leaving Australia

Tonight I leave Australia bound for Sweden. It’s a long flight – about 19 hours with a short stop over in Dubai. It’s been a busy week of saying goodbye to mates, family and colleagues. The bags are packed and bursting at the seams!
There is some sadness that I’m leaving home and family, missing some birthdays and important events this year, but the overwhelming feeling is sheer excitement for what is an amazing opportunity at Stockholm University with student exchange. I can’t wait to explore the city of Stockholm and more of Sweden, undertake a crash course for Swedish at SU, meet other students that are staying at Lappis (student accommodation) and get some powder time! It’s extremely rare for it to snow anywhere in Western Australia (the state of Australia I’m from), so years can go by before I’m overseas and snowboarding again.
My first week in Sweden sees me exploring Stockholm for a few days then taking off to Abisko to catch the northern lights and some dog sledding, so the DSR camera is stashed in my carry on ready to get some snaps of this.

T minus 264 Hours

As of right now there are 11 days, 1 hour and 40 minutes until I land in Arlanda airport in Stockholm. The countdown app on my phone seems to be moving at triple time these last few weeks and I often check and double-check it, convinced that it’s incorrect. I couldn’t possibly be moving country so soon.

I found out I was going to Sodertorns (Södertörn University) for my Erasmus 10 months ago, on the night I turned 20 years old. This discovery coupled with a number of alcoholic beverages and the fact I now considered myself ‘old’ led to a messy few days, leaving me unable to really digest the news until the following week. I remember the uncontrollable excitement I felt when I first researched the college and the city itself. A feeling similar to the over-whelming excitement I felt as an eight 8 year old girl waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. But just like this excitement, it eventually dies down and reality begins to set in.

This reality hit me around mid-November when I got my accommodation place. I suddenly realised that I needed to change money to Swedish Krona and in order to do this I would need money which, after working an unpaid placement for 6 months, I did not have. I have to admit, I’m not exactly the best at planning ahead, a trait which proves to be my downfall on a weekly basis. In an attempt to right this wrong I got a second job and worked both for, what felt like, the longest month of my life. This and the fact that most of my family received hugs from me as Christmas presents means financially things now seem […]

5 things I wish I had known about Stockholm

Hej alla! Hope your year has got off to a good start! It’s good to be back here in Stockholm again. Even though I truly enjoyed spending the holidays in Finland. My first post is based on my own and my friends experiences of living here. Hope some of you guys find this useful!

Finding accommodation can be hard

Last fall the situation was might have been better than it had been during the past years (or so I was told during the orientation week). I stumbled across news about students living in tents, and even returning to their home country for the sake of not finding a place to stay. Really, finding accommodation isn’t this hard, but it pays off to be active and start in advance. Use also social media, specially on Facebook you can find a lot of groups to help your home search. Last tip is send a picture with your application. This may help you to stand out from the other candidates.

There is not a plenty of time for traveling

Time flies here, and now in the middle of my exchange studies I feel like I could I have traveled more. Some of the most popular destinations include Lapland, Norway, Denmark and Russia are definitely worth visiting. But instead of making short weekend trips, I chose to spend more time in Sweden. The active student life in Stockholm has a lot to offer – cooking workshops, balls, sittningar, sports…

Copenhagen by night

You should get a person number

If you just can, get a person number. Why? It just simply makes life a heck of a lot easier. I was lazy and just wanted to avoid all the paper work, so I didn’t […]

The things I newly learn about Sweden

Since I got to know about Sweden, Sweden was one of my “Dream Countries”. Well, the fantasies I have about the country made that result. I had a quite hard time to choose the places for spending one year of my college life, and I finally decided to go to Sweden (top image: Find where I go from the travel book I got).

After I got a permission letter from Södertörn University, I searched the information about the country, and there are three facts I found!

First, its official name is Kingdom of Sweden. Then, they have King and Queen? Actually, the King of Sweden was popular once in Facebook among South Korean with the pictures showing the king wearing some ridiculous but cute hats. In addition, there’s a prince who is really handsome like actor, and he was also popular as a handsome prince in Facebook! Now what I need to do is buying the king’s hat, and going to meet the prince while wearing the hat I buy! Haha

Secondly, Sweden is the country of Nobel Prize. Every year, Nobel Prizes are given to people from 6 fields. (There’s only one Korean, Kim Dae Jung, who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.) I’d never known that the chemist Nobel was born in Stockholm and Nobel Prizes is held in Stockholm! Okay, so I want to visit Konserthuset(Stockholm Concert hall) where ceremony is held. Plus, there are many classical music concerts you can enjoy at Concert hall.

P.S. Nobel Peace Prize Award is held in Oslo, Norway.

Last one is Avicii. I bet that college students who like EDM may know Avicii, the famous DJ. He is a really well known artist and his music is quite unique and […]

First day of 2016

After spending the holidays with my family in the Netherlands, it is now time to start preparing form my departure to Sweden. Couple of things need to be done within the upcoming two weeks. From packing my stuff to saying goodbye and arranging some final stuff online. Since it will be winter in Stockholm when I arrive, I have to be prepared for a lot of snow and coldness, I think. Of course we are used to some coldness in the Netherlands, but I expect Sweden to be much more cold. I will fly from Amsterdam to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Getting the ticket was one of the first things I did when I found out about going abroad.

When you go studying abroad, there are a couple of important things you need to arrange. Stuff I needed to sorted out was, for example:

Health insurance. I needed an additional assurance because the stay abroad is longer than two months.
Housing. Luckily, Stockholm University has offered me a studio apartment in Vasastan, a nothern area of Stockholm.
Registration at the host university and the course registrations. I will be following two courses during this semester. These are Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Education in Multicultural Society at the Deparment of Children and Youth. Hopefully, there also will be an opportunity to attend a Swedish language course.
Get consent from your own university on the courses abroad. The past two and a half years I have been busy with my Child Development studies at the University of Amsterdam.
Find out wheter your counrty provides compensations for exchange students. I was able to receive a compensation if I stopped my public transport pass in the Netherlands. Also, the Erasmus+ […]

Minus twenty

How far north can one go?

December is here and with it come many festivities. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how many days are left till Christmas – I honestly do not count them – but nonetheless, the last month of 2015 has been grand! My aunt and uncle came over for a visit a couple of weeks ago. It was lovely to show them around and let them catch a glimpse of the life I have been living here for almost four months now. However, it also felt quite strange talking in my mother tongue all day again (which is Dutch, but here I am referring to the dialect spoken in the south-eastern region of the Netherlands).

They also brought some presents along, because it was my birthday on December 2nd! Surprisingly I did manage to keep the envelopes and wrappings closed until my actual birthday :-). My 21st birthday was also the first one which I did not celebrate with my family or ‘at home.’ My Norwegian friend Hedda came over and I invited her and some other friends to my apartment to have a nice evening together. The days after my birthday consisted mainly of cleaning, spending time with Hedda, and… packing.

Yes, I know. Packing. I could not help but travel again. In fact, this journey is the one I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the semester. Once more organised by ESN, we drove all the way up through Finland to arrive in Lapland! Finland’s northernmost – and least populated – region was like how you would Scandinavia imagine to be: a winter wonderland. During the trip we learned a lot about the culture of the Sami, the indigenous people […]