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Let’s get away!

After 3 and a half months being in Stockholm, I thought it was time to travel.

So, I booked a 7day cruise. It contained visiting Tallinn (top image: Old Town, Tallinn), Saint Petersburg and Helsinki. I’m not a boat person, neither is my boyfriend, who came with me, but we thought why not?

First stop was Tallinn in Estonia. The truth is that it wasn’t like as I expected it. It was more like a thematic park, showing me how a medieval village was at that time. But I was really impressed when I learnt that Estonia, even though it’s a small country, has some many e-government services. We spent one and a half days there and we got to see the old town and eat the most huge pancake I have ever seen in my entire life.

Next stop: Saint Petersburg! Oh my God that city! When I was a little girl, one of my favorite stories was the one of Anastasia Romanov, the princess of Russia. I always wanted to visit Russia, because of that story and of course because of my father, who says that it’s a pretty beautiful country. And when the chance came up, I couldn’t let it pass me by. We spent almost 2 days there and when we had to leave, I honestly wished to have stayed a little bit longer. We walked around the fortress and visited the Peter and Paul Cathedral, where all the Romanovs are burried.

Also, we visited the Church of the Savior on Blood, which is the most characteristic thing in Saint Petersburg and of course, the St Isaac’s Cathedral. The day finished with the most perfect way. Limousine tour at night with champagne and several stops, […]

Travel diary 2: A Norwegian Fairy- Tale

Hej everyone!

After a long brake of writing, I am happy that I have found some time today for a new blog. What has happened since my last entry? First of all I went home over the Easter holidays for 10 days, to spend time with my family and friends after having spent already two months abroad (although it didn`t feel that long). It was really good to see my beloved ones again and also to be spoiled at home, not having to worry about what to cook or hoping to get a free washing machine in the laundry- room at Lappis.

Then when I came back to Stockholm I had some friends from Vienna coming over for a visit, which was also a big treat to have them here!

The highlight of my past week has been something very special. The day after my friends left, I started my 7-day-adventure trough Norway with my friend Wouter!

Day 1, 5th of April

Wouter, who is from Amsterdam and also is in the training to become a teacher, had planned a while ago that we wanted to make a trip to Norway together.  After having thought hard about where exactly we wanted to go, we decided on: Oslo, Bergen and Odda- which is a small village in the mountains where we planned to do a big hike. The only things we had booked though were our train ride to Oslo and our accommodations in each town, which were private rooms in Airbnb apartments. We didn´t know yet how or when exactly we would go back to Stockholm. So, to start our journey, Wouter and I met at 5 in the morning at Stockholm´s Central Station since for some reason there was only one train going […]

Stockholm Essentials

Long time no see, my friends. I got a little busy with school but now I’m back- I mean for good. Recently, a friend from Athens came to visit me and my boyfriend, who lives in Stockholm as well. Basically, in 3 days we had to walk him around and show him “The Stockholm Essentials”.

Let’s begin with parks. We visited the Norra Djurgårdsstaden, as we live at Lappis Campus. It’s really near if you live there, you just have to get into the woods and explore the lakes. We, also, had the chance to see swans and other animals, such as ponnies, rabbits and pigs. It’s a great place if you want to relax. You will understand what I mean. ;)

Then, we went to Djurgården. You can get there by taking the ferry from Slussen, using your SL card  or by taking line 7. Honestly, I prefer the ferry because this route is never boring. There, you can find Skansen, the open air zoo of Stockholm, the Vasamuseet, the ABBA museum, the Nordiska Museum and the Gröna Lund, the amusement park of Stockholm. Walk through the island and when you feel tired, sit on a bench and enjoy the view. Then, take line 7 or walk to the centre and get at Kungsträdgården.

At the next day, we walked to the City Hall (top image: View from City Hall) to enjoy the beautiful building and of course the view of the sea.

After that, we had to enjoy a sweet from Chic Konditori, which is placed at Mariatorget station, on the red line. Of course, he had to see the view from Monteliusvägen, one of my favorite places in this city. So, we headed there, so he […]

Travel diary: Trip to northern Sweden and Lapland

“L” stands for Lapland

I have been to Lapland this week! It feels so strange to be back home in Stockholm now, as this place has absolutely enchanted me and I definitely want to go back there some day.

The trip was organized for Erasmus- students in Sweden and I have to say that it was one of the best and most exciting trips I have ever made!

We had beautiful weather, snowy landscapes and fantastic people on board. “On board” because we went to Lapland by bus – the “Lapland Express”, as I call it… which is an 18- hour ride. I underestimated the size of Sweden: the distance between Stockholm and Kiruna (the town we went to first), is about the same distance as from the South of France to the top of the Netherlands. So, pretty, pretty far.

For those of you, who don´t know so much about Lapland: It stretches over the North of Sweden, Norway and Finland and is situated above the Arctic Circle. Lapland has indigenous tribes, who pursue reindeer herding, hunting and fishing. Lapland is also the “home” of the Aurora Borealis- the Northern Lights, a physical phenomenon. But more about this as you go on reading….

For this blog I have created a “travel- diary” or “Lapland- ABC”, to show you what the program for this trip was and what wonderful experiences I have made. If you want to do something fun while reading this blog, you could listen to the music that I have listened to during this trip. Alt- J, one of my favourite bands, is great to listen to while travelling and makes me think about Lapland now when I hear their music…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAC9Ecf1Xgc&list=PLu4uczmISknyF15Pg8nl96pe4-ukfIwHd à Listen to “Ms, Matilda, Bloodflood […]

One month in Sweden

I arrived at Arlanda Airport on Saturday just before beginning of new semester. From then, it’s been more than one month to stay here. And after the last post, I did such things which were really Swedish and international!

Do you know Fettisdagen? In direct translation, it’s fat Tuesday. On that day, it’s traditional and common to eat certain food in Sweden so you can see many people who eat this food in café, bakery and home.


The dessert bread is Semla which is the food people eat at Fettisdagen. There is delicious cream between bottom part of the bun and top of the bun. Also the flavor of the bun is not just flour, but the flavor of cardamom, additionally, there’s another thing, excepting whipped cream, between two parts of bun but still I don’t know exactly what it is. Usually many bakeries and cafés sell Semla during the winter before March but there are famous and popular places to eat semla where you can eat every day.

I went to il café which is located in Sodermalm with my friend and we didn’t know that day was fettisdagen so we were quite wondering why all people in the café were eating same dessert. We ordered it and ate because I thought that bread was the most popular in Il café. Later, my tutor told me that it was fettisdagen! That was accidentally happened but I celebrated Semla Day anyway and it was really “Swedish”.  (One of my friends went to vete-gatan for eating semla the other day, and she loves there right now.)

I’m quite sure that more than 80% of exchange students in Sweden visit this museum. Vasa Museum.

Basically there’s just one real ship which was […]

Stockholm gives me a “Sign”

Hej hej, everyone!

I am having a marvellous time in Stockholm! I love that I am free to do whatever I like at any time of the day… Here you can see a short overview of my passed week:

Pic 1 +2: I visited a modern art museum with my friend Wouter, called the “Artipelag”. It is situated eastern from Stockholm in a small town called Gustavberg. Even if one is not a big fan of modern art, it is definitely worth a trip going there because the architecture and the situation of the museum is so impressive! It is so beautiful there: the forest, sea and sunlight turn the Artipelag into a magical place!

Pic 3: Another corridor- dinner took place last week! This time on Valentine´s Day! We decided to make our own individual pizzas and they turned out to be so delicious! Who said that Valentine´s Day is only for lovers? The right people, great food and good music can give Valentine´s Day a whole new purpose!

Pic 4+ 5: These photos show the result of a study- date… Wouter, Elias and I had planned a serious sit- down to finally get some work done. Although as we met at Stockholm´s famous coffee shop “Drop Coffee” and realized that the Wi-Fi there wasn´t working, we thought we might as well visit a museum instead… So we hopped onto a ferry- boat that brought us to a small island in Stockholm where one can find the “Museum of Modern Art”. (You must now think that I am crazy about modern art… Don´t get me wrong: I am a big fan of art in general but these two trips to modern art museums just happened like that…) It was a fun day […]

To be Stockholm´s “Dancing Queen“

Hej everyone!

As you might know I am taking a Swedish course at the university twice a week. In addition to that I have been studying Swedish on my own through an online course called “Babbel”. Although most of the Swedes speak English perfectly, I think it is only beneficial to know some Swedish. For me it is also fun to learn the language because it is so similar to German!

For this blog I decided to write a short treasury of Swedish phrases that one should know when coming here! I have written the translation into English and also how you would pronounce the words in English…

Hej! (Hey!)  – Hello!
Hur mår du? (who more do?)  – How are you?
Jag mår bra, tack! Och du? (Ya more bra, tack! Ock do?) – I am fine, thanks! And you?
Vad heter du? (What hater do?) – What´s your name?
Hur gammal är du? (Who come Al air do?)  – How old are you?
Jag tar gärna en kopp kaffe. (Ya tar gairna an cop kaffee.) – I will have a cup of coffee.
Jag vill ha en kanelbulle! (Ya will ha an kanailybulle!) – I´d like to have a kanelbulle!
Tack så mycket! (Tack so Mick Ed.)  – Thank you so much!
Varifrån kommer du? (Wh´are e fron come air do?) – Where do you come from?
Jag kommer från Österika. (Ya come air fron Osterecka.)  – I am from Austria!
Var ligger museet? (Wha ligger muse ate?)  – Where is the musuem?
Tack för hjälpen! (Tack fur hale pen!)  – Thank you for your help!
Ursäkta! (You´re shack tar!) – Excuse me!
Hej då! (Hey dough!)  –  Good bye!
/Vi ses! (We says!)  – See you later

I really like Swedish and will continue studying it assiduously!

This past week was so relaxing. I have finally created an every- day rhythm here. Since my course […]

First Things to Notice

After spending my first two weeks in Stockholm, it might be time for an update! Coming to Stockholm was quite easy. Exchange students arrived at the airport and were picked up by other students. They arranged a shuttle bus to drop everyone off at the central station of Stockholm (T-centralen). A bus drive of 30-40 minutes were you get to know the first and most important things about Stockholm. After getting at T-centralen everyone went to different hostels because the accommodation key pick up was open from Monday, not Sunday. In my case, I had to get to Hantverkargatan, Kungsholmen. Pushed my suitcases in the elevator at the metro station and got stuck in the elevator immediately. They are probably not made for students with a lot of suitcases… Anyway, after taking a metro, bus and walking the last meters we arrived at the hostel.

Key pick up for accommodation (I stay in Idun) was available from Monday so we went there very early. Besides the dirt you may find in your room, the apartments are very nice and centured in the Vasastaden area. After installing, Stockholm University had a lot of things arranged as an Orientation Week for new students. There were a lot of possibilities to see the city and campus from different perspectives. For example, there was an Orientation Evening to get the most important information about health, studies and everything. We could attend free bus tours to Ikea, free guided city bus tours, go to different parties and have campus and library tours. Also, the Student Union hosted a welcome breakfast which consisted of delicious Swedish food and coffee. These things were really nice to get to know Stockholm and it’s University, […]

Trip to Estonia

From last Friday to Sunday, I went to Estonia with other exchange students by Ferry and it was my first time to travel with ferry! The ship was much bigger than I thought and there are a lot of rooms. 4 people use one room together, but it was not that uncomfortable even though the size of the room was small.

First night of the trip, we all went to the nightclub and danced a lot. There were many other people from different places, not just Erasmus students from my school. Anyway I can say the first night in the ship was really great except some disturbance in the club. Saturday morning, we had 6hours of sightseeing and we decided to go to the Old Town. Because many girls were starving at that time, we stopped by the café where the bakery menu was quite good and had some time for planning for the trip.

 One of my friends really wanted to see Saint Olav church but, unfortunately, we couldn’t see inside of the Saint Olav church since it is closed when it’s winter. Soon, we found another church and later I’ve heard that it was the church of typical Russian religion. Since I’m a Christian, my friends asked me about the church, but it was not about my religion so I couldn’t answer any of their questions. The interior of the church was so impressive that I still cannot forget it! It reminded me of the huge temple that I saw in Japan before.

The street of the Old Town in Tallinn was really beautiful and the colors of the buildings were so pretty. They were painted with pastel colors and they made the streets wonderful. We […]

Enjoying winter and surströmming

My new course and the orientation week have kept me quite busy. I have just recently moved to a new apartment (top image: View from my window). The moving was quite a project, since I have brought here nearly everything I own (do not recommend this to anyone haha). During my stay here I have even bought a new coffee machine and a shelf, but hey what makes a girl more happy than shopping and good coffee.

Trying surströmming (traditional Swedish cuisine) was one of the last things we did together with our friends before saying goodbye. I think you are supposed to eat it with bread, but I just tried it without. You can eat it quicker this way :D

The snow has mostly melted now. But luckily me and my friend got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Drottningholm Palace (images above).

I’m already looking forward to all the fun stuff this spring. I’ve promised myself to finally visit the Abba museum and bought tickets for Eurovision semi-finals. Maybe I can squeeze in a little trip somewhere, to Finland at least.