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From Mexico with Liubove

Hello! My name is Liubove, but everybody calls me Liuba. I was born in Mexico, but my parents are from Russia. That is why my name is so weird. For those who want to know a new word in Russian, Liubove means love.

First week in Stockholm

This is the first time I am visiting Sweden and I am planning to travel a lot. Next weekend I will go kayak in the archipelago. This is organized by my corridor buddies. They are very nice. One guy is from India and he knows everything, since it is not his first semester here. Since he is so experienced, we call him old-grandpa. The other people are from Indonesia, Singapur, Norway, China and Mexico. Anam, a very nice guy from Italy in my corridor, helps me with the blog. He helps me with the pictures. He has a very good camera and a drone, which helps take some great aerial pictures and video.

I live in a very nice corridor. We know people from the other corridor on this floor too. I didn’t expect that I’m here less than one week and I already know a lot of people. I had lived in other countries besides Mexico: Russia and England. And it is not so easy to change your life completely, so I was a little bit afraid coming here. But now, after one week being here, I can tell you for sure, this is one of the best experiences I am having. If you doubt taking an exchange in other country, don’t doubt anymore! Especially when you have chosen Sweden as your target country.

About my country

This was a big change for me. Mexico and Sweden are totally opposite countries. Mexico […]

New experience, old feelings

After months of excitement, struggle, thrill and joy, I finally made it to Stockholm and to Konstfack – an Art, Design and Craft Academy, for those of you who don’t know. One week has passed now since the school started, and I must say I’ve already gone through a series of mood swings that could do for an entire lifetime: I genuinely though my exchange year in Norway at the age of 17 had prepared me for everything, but apparently the nervousness of moving to a new country and lifestyle never fades away.

First things first, though.

Sweden, and Stockholm in particular, is beautiful, literally breath-taking, I thought I would never see such clean water in an island-based capital, whereas it looks like it’s the norm here. Oh, and don’t get me started about the amazing nature which surrounds the whole city – truly unbelievable. I didn’t get the chance to do much sightseeing, although I did go on a boat trip around the city’s archipelago on Saturday – a MUST for anyone visiting Stockholm – but the little I saw was enough to make me fall in love with it.

As per the university experience, well, first of all I must say I was lucky enough to get a spot at the university dorms, which are just 1 minute walking away from the school – and yes, that came in handy already as I’m NOT in anyway a morning person. The university itself is unique in its own way, and truly amazed me for the freedom it leaves to its students, although probably it being essentially an art school may play a big role in this.

You are now probably wondering “How come you say to have had mood […]

Fast train, cultural novelties and Icha Icha

Hello everyone. こんにちは。

This is my second blog, and my first blog after I move to Sweden. I moved to Sweden on 22nd of August from Paris. Right just before moving to here, I was super nervous about my new life in Sweden, but at the same time, again, I was super excited to meet more people from all around the world, and to learn more cultures. I said goodbye to my girlfriend, and went to Sweden with this fidgeting feelings.

First thing I surprised just after I arrived at the Sweden was the train called “Arlanda Express”. I could not been in time with welcome bus which was supported by universities of Stockholm STAF, so I decided to take this train to go to Stockholm central station from Arlanda Airport. It was bit expensive, but super fast train. It reminded me Japanese super express train called “Shinkansen”. It took only 15-20 mins to get to the Stockholm central station. I was also surprised with the purchase system of the train. I thought I need to buy the ticket at the ticket office, but I bought mine at the platform. I thought this is unique thing in Sweden.

Next, I bought a ticket for the train at central station with a little bit tough time with purchasing. I was surprised that a paper looks like receipt was the ticket for the train. I took me long time to figure out how to use the ticket; which was showing this paper to the station employee.
Arriving to Södertörn University
After I arrived at my Södertörns university, I did my registration, and moved to my dorm. Dorm was quite nice. There are students from many European countries in same floor. After I arrived […]

A New Adventure

To be honest, in the weeks leading up to my departure to Sweden, I never felt like I was actually leaving. Through all the paperwork, packing, saying goodbyes, the idea of me studying in Stockholm for half a year still felt like something intangible. Far away. Something I read a book about, not would actually experience myself.

Before I’ll continue I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Laura Veerman, and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m 20 years old. I’m an exchange student at Stockholm University, at the department of Political Science, for almost 6 months. I like swimming, reading, gaming, and painting my nails. And friends, of course: I’m very exited about all the people I will meet this coming semester.

It was funny, in the weeks before my departure, that sometimes I spoke to friends and told them that I was getting some things done for Stockholm, and they asked me: Stockholm? What do you mean? Because for some reason when you do something this big sometimes you just… Forget to tell people. Just assume that everyone knows, because for you it’s already common knowledge.

I wasn’t sure how I felt when I boarded the plane to Sweden. My parents accompanied me for the first two days, and as we arrived on Saturday and could only pick up the keys to my shared apartment on Sunday, it felt more like a short holiday than me moving to another country. But now, a few days later, my parents back home and me and my roommate mostly settled in, it feels pretty natural. Or either the change hasn’t really kicked in yet: we’ll see about that in the coming weeks!

When my parents and I arrived […]

Before going to Sweden

Hello. こんにちは (Means “hello” in Japanese.)

I’m Ruka Matsushita from Osaka, Japan. My university in Japan is located at Kyoto, so I can write little about there as well. I study international relations at my university in Kyoto, and will study mainly tourism at Södertörns University in Sweden. The reason why I choose Sweden for my study abroad was because of refugee problems, and high quality of welfare system in Sweden. Because I am a student of international relations, I want to keep my study of international issues going on inside the EU. Also, since Japan is getting aging society, I would like to learn the Swedish high quality welfare system.

On this blog, I would like to write my life stories living in Sweden, and inside the EU countries. (I have lived in New York for three years, but this is my first time to live inside the Europe.) I would also like to tell my impression about them from my perspectives. So, my blog will be kind like easygoing. Please feel free to read.

Anyway, I am staying at Paris for a week right now. I will go to Sweden in couple days. I came here to “feel” the Europe before visiting Sweden and to meet my girlfriend who lives in here. Even before visiting Paris, I stayed at London for couple days to see the impact of Brexit, but could not feel any impact of it just staying there for only couple days.

This is my first time to study abroad only myself. Before going there, I went to many Japanese summer festival called “Matsuri” to feel the Japanese culture. I am very excited to tell our Japanese culture to many other students.

I am very excited […]

African. Passionate. Adventurous.

Hey, nice to meet you!
 My name is Jessica, and i’m a 19 years old French-Cameroonian student. I am currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program orientated towards European and African issues in Sciences Po, a school for political and social sciences in France. For my third year in this program, my school gives students the opportunity to spend a year abroad while doing and internship or attending university. I chose to spend this year abroad as an Erasmus student in the  city of Stockholm, in Sweden ! I will be attending Stockholm university, in the department of Political Science.

During this whole year, I will be sharing my discoveries, and experiences with you guys ! Holding this blog will be an amazing and creative way for me to keep track of my journey and be able to reflect back on it as my stay here will end. However, I would also like to make my experience as profitable for you as possible. I will try my best to share little tips and tricks with you, concerning the different aspects of life here in Sweden, and give you an overview of what you can expect if you plan on moving here !

Before getting into that let met first give you an overview of my journey, and help you understand my upcoming experiences, choices, and my perspective on things !
From Central Africa to Scandinavia
I was born and raised in Cameroon, a central african country. I lived for a few years in Limbé, coastal town lined with black-sanded beaches and surmounted  by a 4040 meter high active volcano. My family and I quickly moved to the city of Douala, a bigger city, and the center of Cameroon’s economy. There, I […]

Back to the Roots

Dear friends!

I have been back in Vienna for three weeks now and have to say that I still haven´t really settled here. My head is in the clouds and my heart in Sweden. It is a strange thing to undergo- one moment I am in Stockholm and the other I am back home, realizing that nothing has changed. It is as though I have never been gone…

When I am in my room, I am constantly thinking about changing something. I imagine my room at Lappis and wonder, who is going to move in there next. I am thinking about my favourite spots in Stockholm- the rock in Södermalm with an amazing view over Stockholm and Lappis Beach, where I have spent many evenings.

Nevertheless, what I miss the most are probably all the people that I have met. My friend Wouter, who is back in Amsterdam now, wrote to me: “We will never have that life back. But it´ll stay an amazing memory for the rest of our lives.”

I feel like a different person now. I would immediately go on Erasmus again and my desire to travel is bigger than ever.

I am really thankful that I was enabled to do this semester abroad. I want to address a huge thanks to my father and mother, without whom this experience wouldn’t have been possible. My parents always stand behind me and do everything they can to help make my dreams come true! I love them so much and can´t thank them enough for this!

It is actually a funny story how I chose Stockholm as my Eramus- destination- or should I say how  Stockholm chose me…: From the beginning of this whole process I was mind set that I would […]

Katja in Wonderland

Fellow readers!

It has been a while… But I must say I have had the best time ever these past months! I can´t even describe how wonderful Stockholm becomes in spring! Everybody is outside, celebrating on roof- tops, flowers are blossoming everywhere and it feels like the happiest place whenever the sun is out. Sadly my semester here is coming to an end… I am enjoying these last few days before I go back home on Friday! I have had a lot of visitors lately- some of my best friends plus my mom and her friends have paid me visits these past months!It has been so lovely to see them again and share my experiences in Stockholm with them!

I have been asked a several times what my favourite thing on this Erasmus semester has been… That got me thinking for a while. So many amazing things have happened over this passed half- year and I simply cannot choose one specific event… So I have decided to choose my top 10 favourite events starting from the beginning of April!
1. The start of my “Science Course at University”

I have really enjoyed my second course at Stockholm´s University! It´s focus was mainly on hands- on activities, e.g. what one can do as a teacher to bring children in contact with science and technology. We did so many creative things and I am also lucky to have met so many great new people through this course! On the photos you can see how we created an ecological cycle with natural material (top) and how we were instructed to draw something from nature in detail to realize nature´s complexity and esthetical beauty!
2. The visit of my friend Surya and our Valborg- celebration in Uppsala

My […]

Riga? Why not?

Last week I visited Riga, the capital of Latvia. When I booked the tickets, I thought that I made a terrible mistake but I was totally wrong! The city is fantastic, very cheap and has plenty things to do. Please don’t make the mistake to book a taxi from the airport to your hotel. There’s bus 22 that can take you to the centre of the city in just 30 minutes and with maximum cost 2 euros! I paid 18 euros for a taxi but the driver, that was supposed to wait for me inside the airport, was waiting outside and far away from the arrival section. Anyway, you should definitely visit the Old Town of Riga. It starts from the city hall square. There, you will find the city hall (duh!), the house of the blackheads and then, you can proceed to the main square of Old Town. Top image: Old Town Square.

Then, get lost into the narrow streets of the Old Town. You will find small coffee shops and small pubs. I really recommend the Queen’s pub. Very good prices and delicious burgers. Check the main square of the Old Town (top picture) and then move towards the Independence Monument. There’s a small park near the National Opera. Take some time there and chill at the benches.


I was lucky enough to find out that the day I was there it was the Museum Night, so I could enter many museums for free. I visited the Latvian Parliament even though the line was so long. You can see for yourselves!

Finally, I had to visit St Peter’s Cathedral, in order to see the spectacular view of Riga. The entrance fee is 9 for adults and […]

Strange feeling

Almost all my friends have gone to study abroad for one semester. All of them, said that it’s the time of your life where you can see clearly who’s besides you. That time came for me, too. Just a few days ago, I realized that many of my friends didn’t even text me for some time. Is it because they are jealous? Is it because they think that you don’t have any room in your heart for them any more? Or is it something else? When I realized that whole thing, I felt so lonely. But then, I discussed about it with my friend and she told me that she felt the same way. I guess that even though you’re having the time of your life with your new friends when you study abroad, there are times that you will feel lonely and homesick. Even though you’re surrounded with a lot of new friends.

One small advice: whenever you feel like it, just talk to someone. You never know what the other person thinks. He/she may be lonely, too. :)