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microwaves at the university

Why are there microwave ovens everywhere in Stockholm?

By: Stefanie Kleemeyer

You may or may not have come across a lot of microwave ovens in your home country. Let it be at work, school, university or at home. One or two may be featured. Not for me. I’ve never used a microwave oven at university in Munich, or much less seen one there.


The strange thing was when I arrived in Stockholm, I see them EVERYWHERE on the university campus. And I mean that quite literally. Just strolling around the different university campuses, I came across a whole lot of microwave ovens (picture evidence as seen above).

It’s as if they’re all having a party or gathering of some sort, like the hobbits in LOTR.


In Stockholm, microwave ovens seem to be living in herds, but luckily for us, aren’t shy. One can easily insert some cold food into them, close their mouths and let the magic begin. After some minutes the microwave oven makes a beeping sound and is ready to present its masterwork. Warm, delicious home-made food right on time on campus. Can it be any better than that?

So, why the microwave craze in Stockholm?


The answer is pretty straightforward, as you might have guessed. Not every student can afford to eat lunch for 70-100 SEK, so very often, you will have to bring your own food.

And an army of microwave ovens is necessary to provide for a horde of hungry students.

Having a cold wrap, a cold sandwich might easily get you through the beautiful summer days. But once it gets cold and dark outside, a warm and hearty meal is something every student would definitely crave for.